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The emergence of smart cards is a major transformational force in the card issuance industry. The card that was once a banking device has literally transformed into a portable computer you can put in your wallet. Today, personalized cards provide an ever more cost-effective, secure and highly-branded mechanism to link your business to your customers.
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TPS is at the forefront of meeting the needs of the financial world. TPS specializes in card-based personalization software solutions. We are focused on the production, testing and personalization of smart cards, for our customers with a full range of acquiring and issuance solutions. We offer competitive advantages through flexibility, value and innovation. We have developed unique market leading software solutions to make it easier and more cost effective for our customers to attain EMV compliance.

Sentinel is a turnkey solution for EMV personalization. It adheres to stringent EMV standards ensuring fraud prevention and provides a payback to bank’s investment. It's a simple and an easy to manage solution that provides a framework for the issuance of EMV compliant chip cards.

Sentinel is a simple and easy to manage solution that provides a framework for the issuance of EMV compliant chip cards. Sentinel caters to the needs of an Issuer that wants to issue EMV compliant cards. Banks already having magnetic stripe based multiple products can use Sentinel to migrate to chip based EMV cards. Sentinel is capable of handling multiple card schemes and applications.


Sentinel provides a complete card lifecycle management from the import of the customer, card and other application related details, management of cryptographic data, data preparation to personalization and reporting. The high level features of the solution include:

  • Migration to EMV from mag-stripe card base
  • Support for different card applications
  • Bureau Services Facilities
  • Support for diverse card platforms with adherence to standards like Global Platform and MULTOS
  • Web based user interface
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