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The past decade has witnessed a great rise in the number and types card-based payment services and programs. Customers across the globe have shown great proclivity for accessing financial services with plastic cards. This inclination has immensely supported the new debit and credit card programs Banks are differentiating themselves through the introduction of new card-based retail banking services with person-to-person payments, person-to-business payments, loyalty programs, bill payments and etc. With increasing popularity of cards, global interoperability and security are also becoming vital for banks and other financial institutions.

The key concern of banks today is to manage multiple card programs and self-service banking channels with a single solution that is flexible, customizable, scalable and easy to manage. Banks need a management system to market their card products to the consumers, quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

   Solution   Features
The most vital requirement for all retail and self-service banking operations is the management of a reliable and secure card program, debit, credit, prepaid or any other. ACCeSS has been providing cost-effective card management solutions to customers across the globe for over a decade now.

ACCeSS is a complete card and customer management application for card issuers such as banks, mobile companies and other financial institutions. ACCeSS is a single solution that allows card issuers to manage and maintain card portfolios with manage multiple card programs. ACCeSS is scalable to for big to small card issuers and fulfils the ever-changing requirements of issuers with its rich and flexible features. ACCeSS is the right choice for issuers that need a solution to market card products quickly and efficiently.

From application processing to card production, replacement and renewal to comprehensive transaction management & authorization control, ACCeSS manages the end-to-end processes involved in issuing of cards.

ACCeSS supports various popular card production machines and allows card embossing/printing and encoding with appropriate security controls. It is a proven solution for high-volume processing environments supporting millions of card accounts and transactions. The solution is designed for close integration to core banking applications and middleware switches in either in real-time or offline configurations as required.


ACCeSS delivers flexible Card and Customer Management functionality that can be exploited to issue Debit, Credit and Prepaid card types, from a single platform to rapidly develop and launch new products into the market, creating greater competitive differentiation. Cards are managed throughout their entire lifecycle, from issuance and activation to tracking, usage monitoring and expiration. The high-level features of the solution include.

  • Complete Card Production and Personalization Suite
  • Offers Flexible Card & Customer Management
  • Multiple data input mechanism
  • User friendly interface for manual data entry
  • One Click batch production options
  • Supports Hardware based PIN generation
  • Secure PIN mailer printing options
  • Comprehensive User Authorization Controls
  • Support multi vendor Card Printing and Embossing Machines
  • Detailed Audit Trails
  • Complete Card Inventory Management
ACCeSS has been certified for use with international card products such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
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Card Personalization and Customer Management
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