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The Bank of Khyber Migrates from Phoenix to IRIS for JCB Debit Card issuance
JCB, a global payment scheme headquartered in Japan, is expanding its reach with issuers in Pakistan. Bank of Khyber (BOK) recent success with JCB Debit Card in Pakistan has been covered in JCB global publications. TPS, a leading cards and payments solutions company, has been a partner of BOK for over 13 years. TPS enabled its latest IRIS suite of products to offer digital experience platform to BOK customers. The platform would enable them to issue EMV cards adding security of Chip and Pin for their customers.

Bank of Khyber has successfully migrated from Phoenix to IRIS, an Omni-Channel enterprise payment and card management platform to launch JCB debit card. IRIS will enable BOK’s customer with the benefits of ATMs cash withdrawal in Pakistan and overseas. With the implementation of IRIS, the bank’s customers will also have the convenience of interbank transfer of funds and payment of utilities bills through BOK’s ATMs in Pakistan. This will bring added value to the services rendered by the bank to its customers. The solution provides the bank with advanced ATM controlling and reporting system along with enhanced security and administrative modules. Using IRIS, a next generation enterprise switching middleware, the bank can now add channels and services with great ease and in a very short time to offer even more advanced features to its customers.

IRIS builds a strong framework for banks on which they can immediately deploy support for various delivery channels like ATM, IVR, Call Center, Point of Sale Network, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Payments etc.

Being a PADSS certified and PCIDSS compliant solution from TPS, IRIS has received international accolades and customer endorsements for its reliability, flexibility, ease of use and extended parameterization.

Considering the strategic value of the project for both BOK and TPS, a smooth execution and timely delivery was needed. In order to ensure that, a team of highly skilled personnel from TPS and BOK was formed. Both the teams realized all the challenged ahead of time and worked closely together to ensure end to end delivery and successful migration from Phoenix to IRIS.
"I express my sincere thanks to the entire team of TPS who not only extended full support and valuable assistance but also remained available at Peshawar for weeks which enabled BOK to issue the Debit Card."
Shabeer A. Sheikh, EVP/Group Head Operations, The Bank Of Khyber

"It gives me immense pleasure to be able to support Bank of Khyber in their drive to offer enhanced payments platform to its customers. BOK is going to immensely benefit from taking this leap and modernizing its payments with an EMV ready platform and scalable to add new customer channels"
Shahzad Shahid, CEO, TPS
IRIS Payment Switch from TPS commissioned at Waseela Microfinance Bank Limited
Waseela Microfinance Bank Limited (WMBL), the 10th licensed microfinance bank in Pakistan by State Bank of Pakistan, has gone live with IRIS Switch, the next generation Enterprise Switch and Financial Middleware for ATM, POS driving, Debit Cards and IRIS PCMS (End-to-End Prepaid Card Solution).

The project has been deployed in a record duration of 4.5 months where all these services were previously live via an outsourced model. Prior to deployment of IRIS at WMBL, TPS enabled Mobicash to offer bill payment services through its 65000+ agent network. TPS has also enabled WMBL with its state of the art home remittance solution through which WMBL is able to receive foreign remittances directly from exchange houses, banks and money service businesses directly into WMBL accounts and also disburse the remittances from select branch locations.

IRIS is a sophisticated payment solution that enabled WMBL for its Card Management System, ATM, POS & Ecommerce acquiring plans. WMBL customers hosted on Temenos24 - Core Banking solution would be able to avail proprietary as well as a payment scheme cards. Simultaneously, Mobile Wallet customers can also be issued a companion card which can be proprietary or payment scheme cards. The cards can be acquired on banks owned ATM/POS network as well as the shared ATM/POS network with national switch. WMBL will be able to achieve Interoperability between wallets and bank accounts with the entire banking network.

Supported by advanced features of IRIS, WMBL can accelerate the execution of its far reaching strategy, including upgrading the network to support virtual prepaid cards and its new mobile banking initiatives.

The bank will also benefit from a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increased speed to market and facilitate in channel growth. Additionally WMBL will use IRIS - Prepaid Card Management Solution, a comprehensive end to end prepaid solution, for launching any type of branded or white labeled prepaid cards in the e-banking market domain.

To smoothly execute this migration project, TPS and WMBL have assigned dedicated teams consisting of highly skilled personnel to manage this challenging and strategic project. All assigned resources have worked as a closely-knit team to achieve the challenging project with multiple migration challenges from outsourced platform.

"WMBL's relationship with TPS goes a long way. Their solutions are reliable and their expertise commendable as a leading e-banking solution provider, smooth migration of our services from outsource to in-house model is self-explanatory. We look forward to many more ventures with them"
Ghazanfar Azaam - CEO & President, Waseela Microfinance Bank Limited

"We feel proud to be associated with TPS for our Mobicash initiative. Their solutions and services are up to the mark and expectations and we are confident that they will support us in our business objectives. We see significant prospects for quick expansion in mobile financial services industry by influencing modern technologies to achieve efficiency and transactional conveniences to the target market segment."
Ms. Aniqa Afzal Sandhu - Senior Director, Mobile Financial Services, PMCL

"TPS feels privileged to be associated with Waseela Microfinance Bank Limited as a trusted technology partner for entire e-banking domain. We are excited to expand the digital financial services footprint of the largest mobile operator in Pakistan and help them hold the Pakistan flag high in the other countries that Vimpelcom group operates"
Mr. Shahzad Shahid, CEO TPS
Central Bank of Liberia marches towards interoperable digital ecosystem with TPS Payment Application Suite
The success story of enabling the Central Bank of Liberia with an interoperable financial ecosystem by TPS has passed new successful milestones. The multi- phase delivery has received recognition for the TPS team by the financial regulator of Liberia.

After successful project award for National Electronic Payment Switch (NEPS) by Central Bank of Liberia to TPS, the project has covered major milestones in its successful multi-phase delivery.

With National Electronic Payment Switch (NEPS), CBL targeted national financial ecosystem development with interoperability between banks, telecom and other financial service providers.

Key requirement of CBL was setting up of NEPS encompassing the services of national inter bank ATM/POS shared switch. To build the capacity of small banking institutions, NEPS required multi bank hosting setup with the capability of issuing and acquiring (ATM & POS) for such banks.

TPS takes pride to be entrusted with this prestigious project and has delivered major milestones as part of comprehensive solution. The solution includes in entirety IRIS EFT switch, IRIS multi-institute card management, IRIS multi-institute ATM & POS acquiring system, IRIS switch for telecoms interoperability and UBPS for national bill payment gateway.

Enabled by virtue of this setup, IRIS is designed to interconnect all local banks for interbank ATM and POS transactions and facilitate member banks for issuing cards and connect their ATM & POS machines.

With IRIS deployment in place, local banks are joining the National switch with bank certification in a scheduled prioritized by CBL. TPS commitment to the project has won customer accolades.

TPS is locally represented in the West African region by IPMC which is infrastructure provider of NEPS project.

“On behalf of the CBL team, to express our profound thanks and appreciation to your entire implementation team for the wonderful work you have done thus far and the support you continue to extend the CBL towards the success of this worthy project. I can truly admit that in the midst of many challenges, you have stood by the CBL in ensuing that the project succeed in Liberia. This not only demonstrates your commitment to this process, but also prove your professionalism”
James B. Wilfred, Head, Payments System- Central Bank of Liberia
MCB Islamic Bank signs up TPS for its latest Payment Application Suite

MCB Islamic Bank Limited (MCB - IBL), a subsidiary bank setup recently in Pakistan by MCB Bank, has selected TPS latest payment application suite for multichannel service offering to its customers. MCBIBL has a clear focus on user experience and believes in digital banking to offer convenient services to its customers while ensuring security.

TPS products suite includes “IRIS” Omni-Channel Enterprise Payment Switch & Card Management, “Prism” Online Banking for Desktop & Mobile devices, “Prism Mobile Application” and “UBPS” Multi channel Billers Aggregation Platform. The suite shall allow MCBIBL customers to access their accounts and perform transactions over global network of ATMs and PoS as well as bank’s channels including Phone Banking, Internet and Mobile Banking. The selection of TPS E-Banking Suite by MCBIBL is an endorsement of trust in reliability of TPS products, continued innovation and delivery capability.

IRIS is an enterprise omnichannel payment application and card management system enabling the financial institutes to offer smooth and uniform experience to its customers across the digital channels. Being a PADSS certified and PCIDSS compliant solution from TPS, IRIS has received international accolades and customer endorsements for its reliability, flexibility, ease of use and extended parameterization.

Prism - Digital Banking Suite - is designed to offer personalized experience to users on their desktops and mobile devices. With various modules it enables banks with quick launch of new and reformed business services. MCBIBL plans to launch its mobile banking application on iOS and Android platforms.

The project is backed by an experienced team from TPS and MCBIBL which is excited to augment the Islamic banking proposition with innovative transaction banking solutions. The teams from both organizations are working to realize the challenging project ahead of timeline.

“MCB IBL wants to be a modern bank offering variety of digital channels for its customers to choose from. Focus is on user experience. I am excited to begin the journey with TPS within the MCB group. I am impressed with the innovative work that they have completed across the geographies. We hope that TPS will further help us in achieving our ambitions”
Mr. Ali Muhammad Mahoon, President MCBIBL

“This relationship starts in the year where TPS completes its 20 years of contribution in transforming the e-banking landscape of the country. I hope together we will further work closely in giving a great banking experience to MCBIBL customers.”
Mr. Shahzad Shahid, CEO TPS

APNA Microfinance Bank Joins UPayments

Karachi, October 30, 2014: APNA becomes the first Microfinance bank to sign UPayments, a USSD based mobile banking platform by Ufone – Pakistan’s leading cellular network. After signing major banks of the country, UPayments has now tapped into Microfinance Banking sector, consequently allowing APNA Bank customers to avail the convenient and user-friendly facility of M-Banking. With this option, APNA bank customers can utilize banking services without visiting bank branches.

Exploiting the advantage of this beneficial service, APNA Bank would be able to provide free local fund transfer, whereby two account holders of APNA bank can transfer funds with no cost. Via this technology, customers can also pay utility bills, Ufone prepaid and postpaid payments and IBFT, with more transactions to be added soon. The communication is real-time and session-based, hence completely secure and reliable. Another exciting highlight is that this facility can be used even from outside Pakistan. The usage of this service is absolutely free for the end user, even while roaming. Currently this facility supports basic transactions, with APNA bank planning to explore branchless banking options in near future.

Powered by IRIS, a multi-channel switch by TPS, UPayments is a secure platform that provides funds transfer and bill payment facilities. It has no restriction on the type of mobile used by the customer as USSD technology is available on all GSM mobile phones.  
Syed Faraz of TPS is Pakistan’s First Oracle Certified Master for 11g

Syed Faraz Ahmed from TPS becomes Pakistan’s first Oracle Certified Master (OCM) for version 11g. Currently the most dominant version of Oracle used in Pakistan, only 250+ professionals globally hold the master level certification which is the most advanced exam currently offered by Oracle. About 80% of Pakistan’s banking industry use Oracle 11g for their databases. Those still on version 10g will soon need to migrate as the product is scheduled to sunset soon.

Syed Faraz Ahmed is one of the five professionals from Pakistan that held Oracle Master Certification for version 10g. He upgraded to 11g after a grueling exam held in Bangkok, Thailand. A much difficult exam for upgrades compared to new applicants, about 100 scenarios were tested in 9 hours in real-time based on Server Configuration, Disaster Recovery, Warehouse Management and Performance Management. The test was conducted on three different servers (Production Server, Disaster Recovery Server and Grid-Control Server) with examiners generating and altering scenarios in real-time.

The 11g version is significantly different from its predecessor with a more comprehensive partitioning mechanism (such as interval partitioning), backup and recovery, encryption that even applies to table spaces and performance tools for migration testing. Oracle 12c, the latest version which is even more different than all previous versions, doesn’t have an OCM exam yet.
TPS provides Oracle Consultancy Services and is proud to have Syed Faraz Ahmed as a valuable asset in the field of Database Administration. We congratulate Faraz on this achievement which is a proud moment for both Faraz and TPS.

TPS Receives 3 Awards at P@SHA ICT Awards 2014
Karachi: TPS receives 3 accolades at P@SHA ICT Awards 2014, a prestigious event of Pakistani tech industry held on 15th November. Currently in its 11th year, P@SHA ICT Awards is a premier awards program of Pakistan's IT industry that acknowledges creativity, innovation and excellence of technology institutions.

Pakistan is full of talent and people are coming up with innovative ideas that impact lives. Winning awards at this national level ICT competition in Pakistan recognizes TPS for its continued focus and success in creating positive impact to the economy and general population through innovative and scaling financial technology applications.
After a tough competition TPS was recognized for the following:
Project Management: Winner in Project Management category
Project Management Office of TPS continues to improve its project management methodology to ensure that time, cost, quality and scope are all balanced and all stakeholders are on the same page throughout the project. IRIS migration at Allied Bank Limited (one of the 5 largest banks in Pakistan with 800+ online branches) was one such complex project where 6 legacy solutions were replaced by IRIS Enterprise Switch with minimal downtime and impact, with improved user experience and increased operational efficiency. The matured project management methodology and its immaculate execution covering detailed project planning, project risk management and timely communication helped TPS deliver this huge project on time with customer’s satisfaction.

PayAxis - Payment Gateway: Runners-Up in Financial Application category
PayAxis is a new addition to TPS payments product suite. The product is under implementation as National Payment Gateway in UAE and has already gotten attention of many other entities in the region. PayAxis provides a reliable and secure platform for integrating the merchants with the issuers supporting various payment choices including payment through the bank account. PayAxis allows various government payments, bill payments and money transfer options for customers using a single, easy-to-use interface. The system can support all online banks & merchants, major card and payment processors (VISA, MasterCard), unbranded/local cards, can integrate with branchless banking systems and allow C2B, C2G, B2B and B2G payments.

IRIS 4.0 - Enterprise Switch: Runners-up in Tools & Infrastructure category
IRIS is the flagship product of TPS and the first solution from Pakistan to win both P@SHA and APICTA Awards back in 2008. Much advanced than its earlier version, IRIS 4.0 includes support interfaces with Alternate Delivery Channels like IVR, Call Center, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, m-commerce and bill payment. EMV compliant and PA DSS validated, IRIS 4.0 has ATM and POS handlers and provides secure financial transaction processing, supports all major ATMs Brands, POS Terminals, Core Banking applications, Regional and International Payment Networks, and interfaces with Credit Card Systems. IRIS has web based built in modules of CRM, Personalization, Monitoring, Reconciliation, Dispute Resolution and Back office operations. The IRIS 4.0 version is under deployment at Central Bank of UAE and Central Bank of Liberia with several existing as well as new IRIS clients taking interest in the latest version.

TPS CEO Shahzad Shahid was part of P@SHA Annual Conference that was held on the morning of 15th November. He was part of two panel discussions titled "Changing Export Landscape" and "How to Scale a Business?". Shahzad was also honored with a memento during the awards ceremony by Chairman P@SHA Dr. Shoab A. Khan.
TPS congratulates Credit Libanais on successful migration of ATM and POS driving to IRIS
Credit Libanais, one of the leading commercial banks in Lebnanon, has gone live with IRIS (the next generation Enterprise Switch and Financial Middleware) for ATM driving and Debit Cards as part of phase 1 of a comprehensive project. The overall scope of the project includes ATM and POS driving, unified card management and merchant management. TPS, along with its partner “Soft Management”, worked closely with the bank and provided technological and business expertise to enable seamless migration from the bank’s existing platform to IRIS. .

Credit Libanais is TPS’ first customer where its legacy switch, Phoenix, was deployed more than a decade ago. The relationship between the bank and TPS spans over 18 years and is a testament of the trust and confidence the bank places in TPS as a reliable technology partner.
The bank has migrated its ATM and POS driving to IRIS from IPN (a hosted platform driven by ACI Base24). Prior to this, multi-currency transactions across multiple countries were managed with a dedicated Phoenix switch for every currency. This migration ensures consolidation of multiple Phoenix switches into one IRIS seamlessly managing all the complexity.
Joining the company as a software engineer in 1999, Shahzad moved to the TPS business development team in 2004. His instinctive flair for business was a natural fit and saw Shahzad emerge as a distinctive leader with strategic, creative and financial acumen as well as strong business intellect. His career at TPS, spanning technology and business, has given Shahzad the knack of translating technology ideas into business usages. He has remained deeply involved with company’s strategic business and product initiatives and has played an integral role in shaping the e-banking landscape in Pakistan through closely working with banks, telcos and financial institutions. His experience and active participation in regional e-Banking growth initiatives also benefitted regions like South Asia, West Africa and Middle East with setting up of Inter Bank Shared Network for ATMs and POS, Launch of Mobile Banking, setting up of Payment Processors and Payment Gateways.

In subsequent phases of the project, more features and functionality will be introduced whereby unified card management (Complete Debit Card Management System with Visa and MasterCard issuing and acquiring services) and merchant management and merchant acquiring will be included.

“Credit Libanais has always been a special customer given our relationship that spans over a decade. We are proud to be a technology partner with Credit Libanais and we are confident that Credit Libanais will achieve consolidation and operational excellence through our latest IRIS switching and payment system. With IRIS, the bank will be able to offer value added services to its customers in the least possible time.” – Imran Saeed, Vice President, Business Development (MENA), TPS

“Our relationship with TPS goes back a long way and we are extremely pleased with TPS being the technology partner for our e-banking initiatives. This consolidation was crucial, not only to optimize our operations, but also to be able to quickly come up with new and innovative banking services in the Lebanese market. We are excited and look forward to the innovations and advancements that the latest TPS solutions offer. ”- Anthony Ussher, Head of Electronic Banking, Credit Libanais (Lebanon).
TPS appoints Shahzad Shahid as the new CEO

TPS announces the appointment of Mr. Shahzad Shahid as the new Chief Executive Officer of TPS Pakistan and Middle East effective July 1, 2014. Prior to his appointment to the position of CEO, Shahzad was serving in the capacity of CMO of TPS. He succeeds Mr. Muhammad Sohail, co-founder and director of TPS, who served as the company’s CEO since its inception in 1996.

“These are truly exciting times for TPS which began its journey from a 2 person startup more than 18 years ago,” said Muhammad Sohail. “We stand at a juncture where TPS can write a new chapter in its history, just as glorious as its past chapters. Shahzad is a proven leader with technical expertise, business vision and the ability to drive TPS with passion. His energy, drive and vision are exactly what TPS needs as a company to enter its next chapter of expansion and growth.”
The corporate-wide announcement was made during TPS LEAP initiative with TPS global staff. LEAP is a major reorganization initiative that has been carefully devised to bring efficiency and growth at both individual and corporate level. It is aimed to better equip the company to quickly respond as well as adapt to business and market shifts while staying in tune to customer needs.
Joining the company as a software engineer in 1999, Shahzad moved to the TPS business development team in 2004. His instinctive flair for business was a natural fit and saw Shahzad emerge as a distinctive leader with strategic, creative and financial acumen as well as strong business intellect. His career at TPS, spanning technology and business, has given Shahzad the knack of translating technology ideas into business usages. He has remained deeply involved with company’s strategic business and product initiatives and has played an integral role in shaping the e-banking landscape in Pakistan through closely working with banks, telcos and financial institutions. His experience and active participation in regional e-Banking growth initiatives also benefitted regions like South Asia, West Africa and Middle East with setting up of Inter Bank Shared Network for ATMs and POS, Launch of Mobile Banking, setting up of Payment Processors and Payment Gateways.

“TPS is ready and poised to take a leap towards its next level of maturity and global growth. The company as a whole is rightly positioned to capitalize on nascent growth of mass payment initiatives domestically and expand its international payment footprint through its extending products.” Shahzad Shahid said. "The opportunities for TPS are vast, but for them to materialize we will need to focus clearly, move quickly and continue to improve every day. I am confident that TPS has everything to become a recognized and respected name in the payments industry globally.”

VIP CASH on ATM: A Beacon of Light

TPS is committed to providing banking and payment solutions for the masses. It feels great when you go to an ATM, insert your card and PIN and withdraw your desired amount. Ever wondered how you will feel if you cannot read the ATM screen once you are in front of the ATM screen?

Let us consider some facts. The population of Pakistan is about 180 million. Out of this approx. 10% has some disability. The number of visually impaired people in Pakistan are over 2 million, half of which reside in urban areas. According to a survey, about 75% of people are not born visually impaired but become so as they grow old.
In Pakistan, there are over 22 million card holders, more than 6,700 ATMs and over 10,000 branches but sadly, banking services to the Visually Impaired (VIP) customer has been a neglected area; there is hardly any branch or ATM which has some special facility for the VIP customers. On the other hand, countries like USA, Australia and Canada have taken considerable steps to provide convenience to these people. In USA alone, there are more than 100,000 ATMs to facilitate the Visually Impaired people.
The State Bank of Pakistan, in an announcement dated 13th February 2014 [CPD Circular No 2 of 2014 Accessible Banking Infrastructure For Special Persons] clearly stated that banks and other financial institutions must take sufficient steps to facilitate disabled people such as making ramps at branch premises and making the ATMs usable to visually disabled people.

TPS has developed a special solution, VIP CASH, to facilitate banking institutions. This has been developed keeping in mind the visually impaired people which will enable them to make transactions at the ATM like normal people. To use the service, the VIP customer needs to insert an audio jack into the ATM which will trigger the specialized flow. The ATM will voice over each and every activity of the user into the headphone. To keep the system simple for the VIP customer, cash withdrawal and balance inquiry are the features being offered. This solution has been implemented in Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan and is running smoothly. More banks will soon be added to this list.

“Millions of people are underserved by financial institutions for various reasons such as limitations in geographic reach, illiteracy, infrastructure limitations, security problems etc. Physical disability is another restriction which can be solved through intelligent use of technology. Our talking ATMs are one of the many ways in which we have made access to financial institutions easier for the visually impaired. As a corporate it is upon us to provide solutions that bring relief to the masses.” Naseer Hasan, Country Head, Retail Clients, Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan.

The solution offers many benefits. The banks will be able to offer accessibility for all; it serves as a milestone to social participation and economic opportunity for Pakistanis with disabilities. It will also set an example for other financial institutions and businesses to follow, increase their active banking customer base and bank gain confidence of the community.
First Women Bank moves ADC operations in-house via TPS technology

Figure: TPS, FWB and 1LINK celebrate the bank's successful ADC in-house migration
Karachi, March 7, 2014: First Women Bank (Pakistan), having privilege of being first bank for women in the region, has successfully migrated its ATM switch and Card Management in-house, after staying into an outsourced setup for many years. TPS worked closely with the bank and provided both the technology as well as the technical and business consultancy, to enable seamless migration with no customer impact.

First Women Bank after evaluating various financial models found hosting ADC operations in-house as the favorable alternative. Successful migration has not only improved its products and services but also lowered the recurring costs and proved to be more reliable. In-house setup improves control over operations and quality of service; reduces time to market new initiatives, removes the risk of sharing confidential information to an external entity and facilitates enhancements of products and services as per bank’s roadmap.
The bank had earlier been connected to MNET shared switch network and had its card production and ATM acquiring outsourced. With the migration done, the bank is now connected to 1LINK, having its card production and ATM acquiring driven from Phoenix in-house and will now be able to launch various e-banking initiatives timely.
After the successful completion of initial project, which was a smooth transition from outsource to in-house model, the bank now aims to provide customers with latest e-banking services such as person to person funds transfer (both intra-bank and inter-bank), utility bills payment and access to 1Link POS network.

“We thank TPS for taking complete ownership of the project from initiation to execution. TPS has proved to be a true technology enabler for us. With more control over our e-banking services we can now launch new products within a few weeks. Implementation of various mandates and regulations from State Bank of Pakistan will now be easier and simpler than ever.” - Ms. Fauzia Sohail, Head of I.T, First Women Bank Ltd.

“We are happy that the bank compared the recurring cost with potential business growth it can achieve with the in-house setup which helped it make the decision. Now with the bank using TPS as the core payments platform, TPS is geared up to support the bank to accelerate its growth in e-banking. We congratulate the bank on successful project completion.” Shahzad Shahid, CMO, TPS

“We are extremely pleased and congratulate FWB on their decision to come onboard the 1LINK shared network. This will open up new avenues of e-banking channels which were not previously available to FWB.” - Faisal Ejaz Khan, CEO, 1LINK (Guarantee) Limited.
TPS enables HBL & Ufone to offer corporate payments through mobile phones
Karachi, January 23, 2014: Another milestone has been achieved in mobile banking, where Ufone following its vision of continuous innovation, has launched a new service for corporate sector in collaboration with its partner bank, HBL. Backed by TPS technology, UPayments Business to Business (B2B) service allows corporate users to carry out a range of financial transactions conveniently and efficiently via the unique UPayments platform. This 24/7 service brings much needed convenience to franchise representatives who are no more bound by bank timings to make their daily payments. In the initial phase, over 90 Ufone franchises have come onboard to utilize this service for their daily payments. Launched in August ’13, within a span of few months the service processes over 300 million rupees worth of transactions a month.

Figure: UPayments Business to Business service month-wise statistics since launch
Small retailers and distributors will benefit greatly with this new service since they operate at the bottom of the payments cycle. Corporations in these markets now have the opportunity to leverage mobile infrastructure to eliminate inefficiencies in their payments processes and make substantial cost savings.

The registration process is easy where both Ufone and the franchise need to have an account in the partner bank, i.e. HBL, and the franchise representative can register a mobile number on the UPayments service. Once that is complete, transactions can be made using a separate USSD code for corporate payments. This service uses IRIS running at Ufone’s end which directly communicates with the switch at the HBL’s end.

The next phase will include extension of this service to include consumer to business (C2B) payments where this service will be available to the general public to make daily payments to businesses such as restaurants, hospitals etc using mobiles. As a whole ‘UPayments’ platform, using TPS solution IRIS processes over 3 billion rupees worth of transactions in a month which translates to over 100 million rupees of daily transaction volume including Funds Transfer, Interbank Funds Transfer, Utility Bill and telco payments.

“TPS is always enthusiastic to do innovative projects with its clients and partners that revolutionize the e-payments landscape. We believe corporate mobile payments can offer significant benefits and cost savings for those that adopt them and also act as a driver for the mobile payments industry” - Shahzad Shahid, Chief Marketing Officer, TPS

“We are proud to be the first bank which has initiated this project with Ufone and look forward to providing convenience of B2B payments to small businesses in the long run. We are committed to offer a scalable mobile platform to service a wide range of clients from individual customers to the largest multinationals” - Nauman K. Dar, President & CEO, HBL

“UPayments platform has grown exponentially over the years and this new service addition will surely attract attention of the corporate sector. Due to our strong and accurate alignments in the financial industry we have been able to provide integrated payments services, we at Ufone realize that providing mobile solutions to the banked business community is as important as financial inclusion through branchless banking.” - Asher Yaqub, Chief Commercial Officer, Ufone
TPS Enables Easypaisa to Launch Mobile Account ATM Cards

Karachi, January 9, 2014: Easypaisa, Pakistan’s first and leading branchless banking service from Telenor and Tameer Microfinance Bank, has launched easypaisa mobile account ATM cards in Pakistan using TPS IRIS Enterprise Payment Switch. This provides an additional instrument to easypaisa customers who can now access their mobile accounts 24x7 on any ATM across Pakistan. These cards are highly secure and convenient where customers will no longer need to visit an easypaisa outlet to avail easypaisa services.

With the launch of Easypaisa mobile account ATM cards, Easypaisa customers can not only withdraw cash from ATMs nationwide but can also make fund transfers, bill payments and withdraw cash on Tameer Bank POS machines. This card program paves way for significantly improving financial inclusion for easypaisa customers who can receive payments from governmental institutions such as Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Employees Old Age Benefit Institute (EOBI) and many others. Easypaisa, is well into its 5th year of successful operation and is a triumph story of branchless banking collaboration between Tameer Bank and Telenor Pakistan - made possible through TPS’ robust technology and customer and industry oriented services. IRIS Multi-Channel Switch provides comprehensive card management, multi-channel acquiring and connectivity with 1LINK ATM network. IRIS integration with Fundamo’s m-wallet platform allows easypaisa customers to avail e-banking services through ATMs and POS machines.

“It’s essential to have the right partners and IT support to roll out new services. Tameer bank and TPS have both played a significant role in the success of Easypaisa and this service will bring a paradigm shift with far reaching impact”Khurram Malik, Head of Products for Easypaisa, Telenor Pakistan

"With our success of over 250,000 transactions per day, I am sure that this product will provide more convenience and flexibility to our customers”Habib Ali, Head of Branchless Banking, Tameer Bank

“It has been an honor for us to be the technology backbone of Easypaisa. This initiative demonstrates the trust both parties have placed on TPS and our IRIS payment switch platform and we look forward to support Easypaisa in rolling out many more innovative services for customer convenience and success of branchless banking in Pakistan.”Shahzad Shahid, Chief Marketing Officer, TPS.

“TPS is proud to be the technology partner of HBL, the largest bank in Pakistan. The shift towards EMV by HBL shall not only give a more secure payment instrument to its customers but also set the direction for the banking industry in Pakistan." Shahzad Shahid, Chief Marketing Officer, TPS

HBL begins EMV Visa Debit Card issuing and ATM acquiring through its TPS IRIS Enterprise Switch

Karachi, November 21 – As a major step towards EMV migration in Pakistan, the country’s largest bank, HBL, has started issuing EMV Visa Debit Card. IRIS Switch has also been upgraded to support acquiring of Visa EMV cards on the country's largest network of multi-vendor ATMs.

Cards industry in Pakistan is dominated by mag-stripe cards. HBL has taken the initiative to launch chip-based EMV debit card that is currently the most secure card technology in the market. Launched in collaboration with VISA, the chip card uses advanced data protection technology that prevents data theft and open doors to more innovative modes of payments.

The EMV debit card scheme celebrates Pakistani craftsmanship and the cards are adorned with different designs from across the nation. While these crafts add color to the nation’s landscape, HBL supports by carrying them on its most secure card scheme.

IRIS, a Multi-Channel Enterprise Switch, is fully compliant with EMV standards of card issuing and acquiring. Successful implementations have been done for various card schemes including VISA and MasterCard. IRIS currently manages the entire spectrum of delivery channels including multi-vendor ATMs, CDMs, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Phone Banking.

“Migrating to chip cards is a major milestone for HBL as it protects our client’s data much more securely. This technology will boost confidence on usage of cards and increase market acceptability of chip-based payments." Faiq Sadiq, Head of Payment Services Group, HBL

“TPS is proud to be the technology partner of HBL, the largest bank in Pakistan. The shift towards EMV by HBL shall not only give a more secure payment instrument to its customers but also set the direction for the banking industry in Pakistan." Shahzad Shahid, Chief Marketing Officer, TPS

HBL is the first commercial bank of Pakistan that was launched in 1947. HBL is now the largest bank in the country with a branch network of 1,500 & 1,100+ ATMs and customer base of over 5 million.

TPS is a leading provider of payment and cards solutions worldwide. TPS enjoys over 80% market share in debit card industry of Pakistan including defacto national switch 1LINK and 3 of the top 5 banks. TPS has a global footprint serving a delighted customer base of over 132 banks, telecoms, central banks, payment processors and other financial institutions spread across 32 countries.
Dubai Islamic Bank Gears Up For Home Remittances With TPS Solution
Tuesday 29th October, 2013 - The impact of remittance on a country’s economy cannot be disregarded. World Bank reports a whopping $ 401 billion annual worker remittance sent to developing countries in 2012. In Pakistan, the major challenge is to receive these remittances through formal channels.

In Pakistan, documented remittances have increased from $ 1 billion in 2001 to a projected $ 14 billion in 2013. This has been possible through the efforts of ‘Pakistan Remittance Initiative’ (PRI), whereby banks have received remittances of $13.5 billion through formal channels in 2012. For banks, this represents a tremendous opportunity to tap for growth.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), seizing the opportunity has partnered with TPS and launched ‘Remittance Processing Solution (RPS) to offer remittance disbursement service through its growing branch network, straight through processing to account within bank and other bank. The decision to opt for TPS solution was based on thorough evaluation and TPS’s extensive experience in successful deployments across local and international banks.

RPS is a comprehensive solution to facilitate end-to-end processing of home remittances on real-time basis. It seamlessly bridges exchange houses (remitting entities) with the bank. DIB, with TPS switch at the heart of its e-Banking platform, will be able to capitalize on its existing infrastructure to offer convenient and fast home remittance service.

“TPS feels privileged to be associated with DIB as a trusted technology partner for its Remittance disbursement service. We are adamant to working with the bank on further enhancements to offer convenient remittance service.” Shahzad Shahid, CMO, TPS

“TPS has been fueling our aggressive growth plans for more than 7 years now with several e-banking initiatives successfully planned and implemented. Launch of RPS is an addition to our continued success!” Irfan Malik, Head of I.T Operations, Dubai Islamic Bank
1Link Honors TPS At Showcase Event

Karachi, 1st November - 1LINK invited TPS to its event Showcase of 1LINK Services held on October 31, 2013 at Sheraton Hotel, Karachi. The event was attended by senior management of prominent banks, financial institutions and technology partners of 1LINK in Pakistan.

TPS is honored to have received Partners in Success award for being 1LINK’s technology partner since its inception. TPS’ technology solutions play an integral role in powering 1LINK – recognized as largest interbank payment network service provider in Pakistan.

We are humbled by the appreciation. We are committed to help 1LINK achieve its ambitious goals and wish them best of luck for future endeavors.
The Bank of Punjab launches bop debit mastercard on phoenix via 1Link gateway

Keeping in view its vision of a customer-focused bank with service excellence, BOP opens new doors of convenience for its customer base of over 700,000 customers. BOP has an extensive network of 306 branches across Pakistan with over 126 ATMs. BOP will be the first bank in Pakistan going for Debit MasterCard issuance over 1Link. This will also be BOP’s first set of branded debit cards.

Customers can now also use their debit cards globally at all MasterCard accepting POS locations and ATMs. MasterCard is accepted worldwide at over 36 million locations. Coming from one of the largest networks of payment cards, MasterCard debit card is an emblem of convenience, accessibility and control.

1LINK is the largest shared ATM network of Pakistan and has partnered with VISA and Union Pay to enable all banks on its network to issue and acquire VISA and Union Pay enabled cards. Through this initiative, 1LINK for the first time will allow MasterCard enabled debit cards on its network using TPS switch at its core.

TPS in addition to being 1LINK’s technology backbone also enjoys an exclusive relationship with BOP as its technology partner. TPS has extensive expertise in the domain of cards and payment solutions. TPS systems powering the bank’s operations include Phoenix, Insight and ACCeSS. The Debit MasterCard issuance will be using Phoenix and ACCeSS solutions at its backend.

“BOP’s relationship with TPS goes a long way. Their solutions are reliable and their expertise commendable as a leading e-banking solution provider. We look forward to many more ventures with them” Mustafa Hamdani, Group Head - Payment Services The Bank of Punjab

“TPS is honored to be BOP’s trusted technology partner. We will work hard to ensure this venture follows our record of successful deployments in BOP. ” Shahzad Shahid Chief Marketing Officer, TPS

“This project undertaking marks a milestone for us as we for the first time provide Debit MasterCard issuance over 1LINK. It’s always a privilege working with TPS on its endeavors with different financial institutions. ” Faisal Ejaz, 1LINK Guarantee Limited Chief Executive Officer
Allied Bank decides to migrate to TPS IRIS Multi-Channel Enterprise Switch
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TPS, a global provider of cards and payment solutions, today announced that Allied Bank Limited, one of the largest banks in Pakistan and the first bank to be established in the country, has decided to upgrade to TPS' next generation multi-channel payment solution 'IRIS' to support its ambitious growth strategy.

Following a detailed switch selection process, where solutions for both in-house and outsourcing models were evaluated, Allied Bank has selected IRIS as its in-house payment switch because of IRIS parameterization, scalability, reliability and supporting cost-effective growth.

IRIS is a sophisticated payment application that offers one window solution for transaction processing, debit and prepaid card exclusive management, ATM controller, Transaction and ATM network Monitoring, Integrated Channel Management and ADC CRM. Supported by IRIS advanced features, Allied bank can accelerate the execution of its far reaching strategy, including upgrading the network to support chip-cards, advance its mobile banking initiative, while providing value-added services to its accountholders. The bank will also benefit from a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increased speed to market and facilitate in channel growth. Additionally ABL will use Instant Card Issuance capabilities, comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) and other payment products.

TPS has been associated with ABL since 2003 when it was selected by the bank to setup a transaction switch 'Phoenix' and other peripheral applications. In the span of 9 years, TPS technology has facilitated bank to scale and handle ATM network of 700+ ATMs and process the card life cycle of over a million debit cards.

To smoothly execute this upgrade project, TPS and Allied Bank has assigned a dedicated team consisting of highly motivated and trained senior personnel to manage this challenging and strategic project. All assigned resources will work as a closely-knit team with the aim to successfully deliver this project timely.

"At Allied bank we aim to offer innovative solutions and value added services to our customers. To meet this objective we plan to fully utilize IRIS scalable and modular architecture and features by rolling out new products and services, meeting customer's requirements and expectations within shortest possible time. Our strategic partnership with TPS will contribute in our technology transformation and enhancing our service capability and to offer convenience and exclusive services to our customers," said Mujahid Ali, Group Chief, Information Technology, Allied Bank Limited.

"It gives us immense pride to be a trusted partner of ABL, and be a part of ABL's continuous retail payment growth initiative. We greatly value ABL's confidence and trust in us and we are certain that the partnership of TPS and ABL will deliver long term benefits." said Muhammad Sohail, CEO, TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

(UAE) and TPS launch Integrated Salary Cards Solution for Effective Payroll Management

Al Fardan Exchange – UAE, a leading money exchange and remittance house, has successfully gone live with IRIS switch for its integrated salary cards solution. With this implementation, Al Fardan Exchange is providing automated salary disbursement services to large number of employers in UAE and has empowered the end blue collared worker with the facility of electronic money. TPS’ IRIS – A versatile cards and switching product provides an end-to-end solution for wage payment and online remittances to Al Fardan Exchange, through various delivery channels like POS and ATMs.

As a brief background to this innovative solution, Ministry of Labour mandated that all companies should pay and automate salary disbursement of their employees through registered exchange houses or banks. TPS, being a cards and payment processing solution expert in the region, once again bridged this gap through its innovatory salary card solution for end-to-end automation.

This salary solution is based on TPS’ Switch and Prepaid Card System IRIS and TPS’ Web Portal PRISM product. It’s a corporate payroll solution designed to improve the salary disbursal process, enabling companies and their employees to process and manage salaries efficiently, in compliance with the stipulations of the UAE Ministry of Labour’s Wages Protection System. The innovative product infuses greater reliability to payroll management and has been a huge success in the UAE.

Al Fardan has branded the salary disbursement service for employers’ as “e-money”. Using e-money, the employer registers its employees online with Al Fardan Exchange and to avail payroll services powered by TPS’ PRISM Portal .This online interface improves operational efficiency and enables transparency throughout the process.

To enable salary cards Al Fardan Exchange is running TPS’ Switch and Prepaid Card System (IRIS) to connect POS and issue stored value cards to the employees of the companies. Al Fardan Exchange has deployed more than 70 POS terminals in all its branches and labor camps across UAE to offer salary disbursement. Leveraging the flexibility of IRIS, Al Fardan plans maximise the reach of salary disbursement and remittances by enabling extended delivery channels.

As millions of workers from around the globe seek employment in other countries, payments to their families back home are creating dynamic flows of money especially in the UAE. Al Fardan is positioned as one the most reliable exchange house in UAE offering remittance to millions of people. It has very successfully capitalized on this profitable market and by venturing in to offering WPS services its has been able to unite both Electronic Salary Disbursal and Automated Remittance services using TPS’ IRIS as a backbone under its e-money platform.

Till now TPS’ IRIS has processed over a hundred thousand of salary transactions. There are more three hundred satisfied employers using this service from Al Fardan. Numbers speak for its self; over the last six months the client base of Al Fardan has increased to more than thirty percent and the card base has crossed sixty thousand reflects the success of Al Fardan “E-money” project by opting for TPS’ IRIS and PRISM product.

“Al Fardan Exchange has already started its EWPS operations with renowned companies who are having thousands of workers/laborers in UAE and its going pretty well. Al Fardan is committed to provide services that deliver real value to its customers. It is a great privilege for us to help thousands of corporates across the UAE to disburse salaries as per the convenience of their employees, saving on the trouble of withdrawing and handling cash and the additional accounting required for cash transactions.

Employees on the other hand are enjoying the simplicity and convenience of receiving salaries directly on the Salary Card with an option to remit directly through e-money card. Employees can now withdraw their salaries and remit at the same time from the POS Terminals installed at our branches and labor camps spread across different locations in UAE”

Mr. Osama Hamza Al Rahma,
General Manager, Al Fardan Exchange.

of Kuwait goes live with IRIS for its alternate distribution program
Commercial Bank of Kuwait, one of the leading banks in Kuwait, has successfully implemented IRIS, the next generation switch and alternate delivery channel manager. With 53 branches conveniently placed throughout Kuwait, the Commercial Bank of Kuwait operates the second largest full service network in Kuwait. CBK is one of the forerunners in the region for having diversified e-banking products and capitalizing on it by delivering them through its alternate delivery channels.

It is noteworthy to mention that prior to current architecture; HPS was powering the ATM network and hosting Debit/Credit Cards of CBK. However, the bank was limited by the restrictions posed with the incumbent architecture, as the credit card and debit card products lacked specialization and were based on standard generic models. With the dynamics of both Debit and Credit Cards being dissimilar from operational as well as product life cycle perspective, CBK faced a major challenge at the hands of legacy system which had both high operations cost as well as limitations to expand product range and services. The architecture was not flexible which lead to a high time to roll out new service on each channel.

IRIS now not only drives ATM/CDM and host debit card, but also functions as a middleware and channel manager for efficient delivery channel operations and reduced budgets. The bank also takes advantage of the dispute resolution module for quick identification and removal of any disagreement issue of customer. CBK wanted to target a greater customer segment by introducing different Automated Deposit services, which the legacy system would not cater for.

The migration strategy was divided in clear and simple phases. The initial Phase catering to card migration to IRIS and driving of ATM, later stage involved shifting of credit cards to AFS and driving deposit machine as well. In the final stage all the delivery channels were to be connected to IRIS rather than host. In this migration, IRIS ensured that the customers should not face any sort of disruption during the cutover phase.

IRIS was selected because of its proven track record, flexibility and robustness of the solution and its unparalleled feature set. After a detailed review IRIS at CBK constitutes of ATM Switch, Card Management System, EMV Acquiring and Issuing, Cash Deposits, Bill Payments, ATM Monitoring, Host Interface, Call Center CRM, KNET and VISA interface, Channel Manager, Middleware, EJ, SMS integration, Remote Distribution and other modules as part of single platform.

The transition has brought flexibility for both debit and credit card products, as the respective teams can own and pursue tailored products. With Iris, CBL has embarked on a strategic path to enhance its market share through the delivery of greater customer service and increased coverage.

“CBK has a clear objective to be technologically innovative to achieve its business goals. We selected IRIS over the other options because of the flexibility and scalability the solution offers. The improved process efficiency and the ability to market new services quickly, helps CBK to increase its competitive edge in the region.”

signs for IRIS for its complete alternate distribution and remote banking program
United Bank Limited, one of the largest banks in Pakistan with a solid track record of fifty years and over 1112 branches, has inked a deal with TPS for migrating from Phoenix switch to IRIS for its complete remote banking program. Phoenix, driving the complete remote banking program, at UBL is one of the most complex sites managing a multitude of e-Banking services. With this deal, UBL becomes an example of one of the first and the largest site, driving transactions of over 1.5 million debit and pre-paid card base customers in Pakistan, to migrate from Phoenix switch to IRIS.

Currently, Phoenix at UBL is sitting at the heart of transaction switching and is the hub of all e-Banking activities at UBL. The bank’s decision and trust to migrate from Phoenix to IRIS is another challenging agreement between the teams as the current architecture is a complex one with various modules connected with Phoenix.

IRIS is the next generation of transaction switch with built in end-to-end integrated delivery channel and will provide UBL with the following benefits:

  1. Dispersed architecture to a consolidated one that is designed to provide a complete framework under one simplified, consistent and easy to use interface.
  2. A consolidated infrastructure and highly configurable card management system will enable UBL to launch their upcoming services in a shorter span of time.
  3. Holistic view of customers data(360 degree view)
  4. A web based interface that can be accessible from anywhere
  5. A robust database
  6. Minimum interoperability costs, increased efficiency and enhanced productivity of all components of the e-Banking infrastructure.

To ensure excellence in its customer service, UBL is committed to continue the expansion of its alternate delivery channels and service offerings. To keep up with its dynamic service offerings, UBL has new requirements each day. UBL wanted an architecture that will simplify the complex network of heterogeneous systems and solutions, by providing a singular interface to the hosts, shielding all the intricacies of the front-end channels and effectively isolating their complexities from back end systems. Hence the plan to migrate is the result of a) UBL’s desire to consolidate its operations on a single platform from its complex desperate platform b) and also its requirements to launch newer services all the time quickly and effectively.

“Following an extensive review of the market, IRIS was the best choice to fulfill its requirement. The proven live site, the flexibility and the robustness of the solution, made IRIS the perfect choice for UBL”, Dr. Khalid Aslam, UBL

“UBL’s experience and successes with TPS goes a long way with several e-Banking initiatives taken up and successfully implemented. Based on the track record, proven successes, time to market the solutions, UBL opted for TPS once again as their technology partner to help them move ahead with their ambitious growth strategy. UBL has aggressive plans to go live with IRIS very soon and we are confident that TPS will work hand in hand with us to meet our stringent deadlines and aggressive growth plans.”


UAE Central Bank selects TPS to deploy National Payment Gateway in UAE
Central Bank of UAE, after thorough evaluation, has selected TPS to deploy National Payment Gateway in the country. The decision was taken after TPS solution fulfilled the stringent criteria set by the regulator. Using the payment gateway, people in UAE will be able to make utility payments instantly from anywhere in the country. E-Commerce will be supported, enabling online payments to merchants using credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard etc.

The plug-and-play modules will be easy to use for the merchants and customers can authenticate their credentials using encrypted and secure channels. Along with Credit Card the payment gateway will also support prepaid and debit cards for transactions. This will enable not only instant payments but also e-commerce growth in the country, allowing for more modern service offerings to the customers. It will also be very convenient for tourists and new users to avail the service for payments and transactions..

TPS gives its clients peace of mind with NCC group’s software escrow services
Today’s competitive banking landscape demands world class services while the ferocious competition stresses the need for service differentiation. Committed to service excellence, banks are now offering a wide array of innovative services that are dependent on a series of complex software applications and advanced systems to deliver real time information to staff and customers and enhance its operational efficiency. These systems and applications are hence mission critical and it is vital that the applications are accessible at all times.

However, Inherent to every technology license agreement is a level of risk. Banks are constantly in the process of preparing, preventing and recovering from incidents that may cause disruptions in their businesses. After all, the disruption of banking services can be catastrophic in terms of the businesses reputation, customer satisfaction, revenue and the brand name as a whole.

TPS holds the trust that is placed by its valued customers at the highest regard and recognizes the responsibility for ensuring a long term performance and availability of products deployed at client sites. Hence to ensure peace of mind and business continuity of mission critical services used by banks, TPS has partnered with NCC Group UK to provide protection solution of its software applications. This step has been taken as a measure to reassure the customers of TPS stability and commitment to best practice.

NCC Group, being the largest software escrow provider, protects client worldwide with the most comprehensive solution designed specifically to assist organization which are increasingly dependent on crucial assets which they do not own or control. Under the escrow agreement, the NCC group securely holds a copy of the source code on the end user’s behalf, which is released to the end user if TPS fails to meet or maintain it contractual obligations or becomes unavailable to support the application, for example through going out of business or being taken over.

Under the agreement, the customers can utilize NCC group’s most comprehensive escrow solutions which, in addition to holding the source code, verify and test the source code for readability and completeness through integrity tests, to ensure that they could be used to achieve a successful rebuild if necessary. Optionally the customers can opt for 'Full Verification' testing process which involves testing consultants carrying out a full build of the application with the co-operation of the software supplier and documenting the process in an audit report.

Several banks are already in the process of evaluating the escrow agreement, whereby Commercial Bank of Kuwait is the first bank to sign the NCC’ escrow services for IRIS with TPS. This agreement serve as an insurance policy to make sure that the bank can have access to the source code upon the occurrence of an agreed upon ‘Release Conditions’,for the purpose of maintenance, update and enhancement of the software.
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