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Doha Bank implements IRIS for its multi-country, multi-institution ATM operations

Doha Bank, one of the leading banks in the Gulf, seamlessly switches over to IRIS. The next generation switch and alternate delivery channel manager, IRIS, serves as a multi-country, multi-currency, multi-language ATM switch and debit card management system for the bank’s operations spread across the region.

IRIS has replaced the bank’s previous switch, enabling the bank to consolidate its multi-country ATM operations in Doha while providing the bank a sustainable competitive edge in the market.The bank previously had multiple systems for different countries that are now consolidated resulting in a much lower TCO with higher operational efficiency. IRIS switch enterprise architecture, flexibility, cost effectiveness, value for money of the solution, time to market the solution and its service offerings made it the banks first choice.

The bank is benefitting from IRIS comprehensive monitoring, EMV acquiring & issuing, Visa debit program and acquiring of other schemes. Its scalable and modular design enables the bank to add various new services and delivery channels as and when required. The bank now manages its ATM operations for Qatar, Kuwait and UAE through a centralized platform.

Being a multi-country switch, IRIS supports complete country isolation whereby an upgrade or change in any one of the countries does not affect the operations of the other country.

"IRIS has the scalable, modular and flexible switch architecture that we wanted. Moreover Doha Bank selected TPS to fulfill its requirements because of its track record, reputation to meet commitment, ability to deliver on time and readily available
Mr. U. V. Kumar,
Head of Information Technology,
Doha Bank
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Tameer Bank upgrades to IRIS to support the aggressive growth of its branchless banking service, easypaisa

Tameer Microfinance Bank (TMFB), one of the largest and most innovative micro-finance institutions in Pakistan, migrates to IRIS. Tameer Bank is the first bank in Pakistan to upgrade from Phoenix to IRIS, the next generation switch and alternate delivery channel manager. Since inception, the bank has focused on its mission to promote branchless banking in the country. TMFB is a pioneering micro-finance institution to use alternative technology-based channels to reach out to the unbanked population of the country and provide them cost-effective access to the banking service. The bank has achieved several successes in the past; launch of Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) over POS and easypaisa Utility Bill Payment Service are just a few.

Tameer Bank wanted a consolidated platform and a scalable design that would enable the bank to launch innovative services to the market in a short span of time. IRIS framework has the strength to integrate various complex systems through its simple, modular, consistent, configurable and easy to use interface. IRIS intuitive user interface and role-based management gives more control to launch latest services in a short span, with minimum dependency on the vendor.

Tameer Bank required a robust solution. As of June 2010, number of transactions processed by IRIS is 2 million per month while the volume of transactions is worth Rs. 7 billion. The scalable design of IRIS promises support to the banks
escalating transaction volumes that are building from the success of easypaisa. Throughput of such a large volume is a testimony of IRIS strength and its robust database; which caters the mass market of 180 million Pakistanis.

IRIS, a true middleware, understands the language of various front-end systems and translates it to a desirable back-end message system format. With IRIS as their hub, the bank is also expected to expand its growing Agent and POS network in the near future.

TPS team of professionals worked hand in hand with the bank experts to make the migration smooth and flawless. The migration strategy was divided in phases to manage the challenge of maintaining continuity of e-Banking services of
the bank, with minimum disruption in banks services to its customers, employees or third party interfaces. 
"Tameer Bank has a long relationship with TPS. We selected IRIS because of our trust and our experience of past successes with TPS.  We wanted a technology that can support easypaisa to the next level while also enable us to launch our upcoming motions in a shorter span. TPS has always proven its technology and edge and we look forward to many future initiatives together with TPS." 

Ali Abbas Sikander,
Group Executive Director,
Tameer Microfinance Bank
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Dhaka Bank becomes the first IRIS customer in Bangladesh

Dhaka Bank, a leading 2nd generation bank in Bangladesh, has gone live with IRIS to support its  ATM and cards strategy. This implementation makes Dhaka Bank the first bank in Bangladesh to go live with IRIS, the next generation switch and alternate delivery channel manager.

TPS has the largest number of switch implementations in Bangladesh and has credible and proven record of high quality card and payment products and services.

Previously Dhaka Bank was already issuing cards and had an ATM network, outsourced to a local third-party processor. Being a bank with aggressive plans, the bank required the flexibility and control on its e-Banking platform to take its card product much further. For this reason, an inhouse setup was important. IRIS offers the bank a platform to implement its strategies, obtain control and operational manageability in its ATM and card expansion. The bank now has its own EMV compliant switch with card management system for debit and prepaid cards.

The bank can now roll out new retail products and services quickly and more efficiently. The bank is benefitting from IRIS comprehensive ATM network monitoring, EMV acquiring and  issuing and Visa debit and pre-paid programs. IRIS is ranked very high for its scalability, flexibility, robustness and its unmatched feature set.

Dhaka Bank’s rapidly growing ATM network has been integrated with DBBL, OMNIBUS and Cashlink ATM networks; giving the banks cardholders the widest ATM coverage in the country.

"Dhaka Bank opted for IRIS from amongst  a number of other world-class solutions based on TPS successful track record in Bangladesh and the intrinsic strength of the solution. The bank wanted truly multi-dimensional middleware which would combine robustness with a high degree of flexibility, scalability and IRIS matched all these requirements. We are confident that with IRIS powerful features coupled with TPS proven commitment to deliver best-in-class support, the Bank will soon establish a unique niche for itself in the rapidly changing e-payments and cards landscape of the country."
Kaiser Tamiz Amin,
Deputy Managing Director,
Dhaka Bank Ltd.
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Silkbank implements Veritas Cluster for high availability of its Phoenix Switch

TPS implements Veritas solution set at Silkbank in Pakistan. This implementation ensures maximum service uptime of its mission-critical applications and systems particularly the ATM switch, Channel Manager & Debit Cards Management System, Phoenix.

Silkbank has a wide array of services available on its alternate delivery channels which includes ATMs, phone banking, internet banking and more. Any downtime associated with a disaster, natural or otherwise, would have a serious detrimental impact on revenues, customer satisfaction, and brand value. The bank required a solution that can ensure availability of the services in case of a disaster. Silkbank selected Symantec Veritas Solution set that allows them the resilience and high availability, by monitoring the status of applications and automatically moving them to another server in the event of a fault.

Veritas Cluster is the industry’s leading clustering solution for reducing both planned and unplanned downtime. TPS, being the silver partner of Symantec, has the business and technical expertise needed to analyze, design implement and support Symantec solutions.   

The bank’s mission critical data is replicated to a remote disaster recovery site through Veritas Volume Replicator. By automating backup, recovery and introducing application clustering, Silkbank has shielded the bank from the catastrophe of system failures or disasters,either natural or man-made.  With this implementation, Silkbank enjoys business continuity, uninterrupted services to customers in Pakistan and abroad, and measurably greater visibility, control and flexibility over the bank’s mission critical applications and storage environment.

"Our primary reasons for choosing Symantec were the proven track record of their disaster recovery technology stack, followed by the quality and breadth of the third-party references we received on their implementations. Their relentless investment in R&D and extended support in Pakistan were
other factors that influenced our decision"
Javed Yousuf Edhi
CIO-Head Of Technology,
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BRAC Bank starts MasterCard acquiring on its ATMs

BRAC Bank Limited, one of the leading banks in Bangladesh now accepts MasterCard cards on its ATM network spread across the country.

BRAC Bank is one of the most innovative banks in the country with the vision to serve its growing customer base with new and cutting edge services via its rapidly growing ATM network.  The bank has very smartly put to use the available technologies to provide convenient and efficient banking services to its customers, thereby helping it increase its business in terms of increased revenue and customer base.

After several successful initiatives in a short span, the latest of its e-Banking motion is MasterCard debit and credit card acquiring on its ATM Network. MasterCard, one of the largest payment schemes in the world, serves over 24,000 financial institutions that have issued over 1.6 billion MasterCard debit & credit cards. Through this launch, BRAC bank welcomes almost 1.6 billion potential customers into its system to fulfill their e-banking needs.

"BRAC Bank has always been active in bringing solutions that the largest customer base of plastic cards in Bangladesh can enjoy. Joining MasterCard - a proven, global payments leader - enables BRAC Bank to bring another strong solution. This means, BRAC bank networks can now serve a larger card-base volume from both local and international MasterCard customers."
Syed Mahbubur Rahman,
Managing Director & CEO,
BRAC Bank Limited, Bangladesh
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TPS exhibits at Bangladesh E-Banking Conference 2010

E-banking Bangladesh is the first of the banking & financial technology events in Bangladesh. TPS having a prominent presence and a solid track record in Bangladesh, made its presence in the event with the spirit of promoting e-Banking drive in the country.

200 senior representatives from the banking and telecom sectors attended the event.TPS jointly exhibited with International Acumen, TPS’ reseller in Bangladesh, and GRG. Prospective and existing customers visited the booth and showed keen interest in TPS products and services. The decor, placement and presentation of the booth complimented with the high tech ATM and bill payment machines, generated a unique display and customers interest.
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TPS at MEFTEC 2010

Now in its 5th successful year, MEFTEC is the world's premier financial technology event for emerging markets, with major focus on the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. TPS showcased its latest solutions and offerings at this event that was attended by financial industry’s decision makers, and an elite band of leading-edge financial technology vendors. This highly targeted event served as a perfect platform to network and helped achieve a huge number of contacts in just two days.

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TPS demonstrates card and payment solutions at Cards MiddleEast 2010

Cards MiddleEast is a highly focused and prestigious event that takes place every year in Dubai. This summit is a leading payment and transaction event in the MEA region.

TPS made a prominent presence in the event , showcasing its cutting- edge solutions and service offerings along with live demos. TPS displayed IRIS (switching) and Sentinel (end-to-end personalization and instant issuance) along with its entire range of switching and cards and payment processing solutions. This exciting and vibrant event provided a perfect platform where TPS not only displayed its product offerings but it also served as a forum to interact, network and develop lasting relationships with industry’s leading bankers and decision makers.
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TPS sponsors major academic events

TPS plays an instrumental role in encouraging the growth and development of IT professionals and industry in Pakistan by regularly sponsoring  technology oriented academic events all over the country. Continuing its support to the academia,  TPS takes pride to have helped facilitate several IT universities in their initiative to raise the talented students and expose them to the corporate sector.

One such event sponsored by TPS is the 11th  FAST NUCES’s premier programming, engineering and business event, ProCom.Net 2010. The competitions test the students skill, knowledge, speed, composure and pressure to its fullest in programming. received an overwhelming response both from the students and the industry professionals who actively participated at the event.

NED TechElite 2010 was another event sponsored by TPS. TechElite was held on 29th April 2010 at NED University of Engineering and Technology. 350 students from 30 universities participated in the event. This event is also an effort by the university to give opportunity to the future engineers to compete & demonstrate their profiency and potential in their respective fields of IT.

TPS extended its support to the NED Engineering University students to participate at the Shell Eco Marathon 2010, Malaysia. This initiative provided an educational platform encouraging students around the world to design, build, and test fuel-efficient vehicles. There were 72 participants from ten countries including China, Indonesia, India, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore and Thailand.
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UBL issues 1.5 million Watan prepaid debit cards to FAPs through IRIS

The devastating floods that hit Pakistan in August affected more than 12 million people. The magnitude of the disaster required the relief funds, promised by the Government of Pakistan, to reach the people in need within shortest possible time. UBL is given the responsibility because of its successful project in 2009 when it issued cards for relief funds disbursement to over 400,000 IDPs.


United Bank Limited is amongst the most technologically advanced banks in Pakistan and is the biggest issuer of debit cards in the country. TPS, the technology partner of UBL for over 10 years now, has supported the bank in its growth in its alternate distribution expansion. TPS IRIS Switch lies at the heart of UBL’s e-Banking infrastructure driving its alternate distributions channels including its debit and prepaid cards.

Out of the total of approximately 8 million debit cards base in Pakistan, UBL was the most well positioned bank to issue over 1.5 million cards which accounts to 25% of the debit cards issued in the country. UBL was given this responsibility because of its robust infrastructure, reliable and scalable cards platform, its capacity and potential to handle this project in a timely manner. The bank started issuing the cards in matter of few days because of IRIS Product Wizard module that allows defining a new card product through simple configuration.

The bank outsourced the cards personalization and PIN issuance to local service providers to manage the huge load. TPS ensured a secure and reliable cards and PIN generation process through IRIS (sitting at the bank end) and Nexus, a Cards and PIN production system (hosted at outsourced partner premises).

This mode of G2P payments, enabled through cards, promises transparency and efficiency in the relief funds distribution – the two biggest challenges in such payments. The FAP can take the cash out through UBL Agent with a PoS terminal or from any ATMs in the country.

So far, 1,000,000 cards have already been issued and distributed and the remaining will be issued shortly. More than 20 billion PKR rupees have been distributed among the flood victims through these debit cards.

TPS is proud to respond to the critical situation in Pakistan to facilitate the rehabilitation process of the FAPs in Pakistan through this technology based initiative. TPS stood by UBL in its efforts to distribute aids in a fast, secure and transparent manner.

UBL’s positive experience in the fund distribution to the FAPs through Visa debit cards last year gained the government and people’s confidence in our competence to handle such projects. Once again this year, UBL has been given the responsibility to issue approximately 1.5 million Watan cards. With TPS as our technology partner, UBL confidently took up the project to issue such a huge volume of cards in a matter of days. IRIS, lying at the heart of UBLs e-Banking infrastructure, stood its test of time and proved its robustness with a high degree of scalability and flexibility
Mr. Abrar Mir, Head Branchless and e-Banking, United Bank Limited

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TPS and AlAfaq United sign for an exclusive value added partnership for Cards and Payment Solutions for Kuwaiti market

AlAfaq United (AU), an established Kuwaiti based IT & Consultancy company, and TPS have signed a partnership agreement following which AlAfaq United will provide state of the art cards and payments solutions for banks in Kuwait. AlAfaq United, as TPS value added distributer, will offer TPS ATM Switch, Debit & Credit Card management, Prepaid Card solutions, Fraud monitoring to all the banks, Exchange Houses and Telecommunication firms in Kuwait.

The partnership with AU has enabled TPS to gain a robust foothold in Kuwait. Moreover the customers can receive advantage of first level support for the entire project lifecycle from project conceptualization, implementation and after sales local support.

TPS has a global distribution and support through its robust partner eco-system supported by the reseller partner program. The addition of a value added distributer to the program in Kuwait enables TPS and AU together to offer high value solutions and better meet the demand for its cards and payment solutions. TPS strongly believes in local support centers for all its customers so that they can benefit from the value for money in invested TPS solutions. AU would also be trained for the complete product suite that will enable AU to provide end-to-end support for TPS solutions.
From Right to Left: Mr. Fayez Madhi (General Manager of Vision), Mr. Mohamad Faisali (Managing Director of Al Afaq United, Imran Saeed (Regional Manager of TPS) and Saqib Khan (Business Development Manager of TPS)

AU in a very short period has sturdily built on its corporate culture of customer service and client retention. TPS range of products and services can drive the complete alternate distribution program of financial institutions giving them the sustainable competitive edge that they are looking for.

“AlAfaq United aggressively serves organizations in varied fields with the best of breed solutions and services. With this agreement, AlAfaq United acts as an extended arm of the sales and support channel of TPS in the Kuwaiti market. TPS is well-known in the region for its best of breed e-Banking solution. We are pleased to partner with the region’s leading cards and payment solution providers that will bring excellent opportunity for us and TPS” Mohammed Faisali, Managing Partner/GM, AlAfaq United
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Tameer Bank opts for TPS Remittance Processing System

Tameer Bank, one of the leading and most innovative microfinance institutions of Pakistan, selects RPS, the Remittance Processing System. This implementation makes Tameer Bank amongst the first few banks in Pakistan to have a fully automated Home Remittance Processing System.  RPS is a one stop solution that will fulfill Tameer banks immediate and future needs for remittance processing and disbursements.

While Pakistan is facing a big challenge in getting remittances through formal channels the banks managed to receive  remittances of $8.906 billion through formal channels in FY2010 due to the efforts of the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI). whereas the remittances being transferred thru informal channels is estimated to be around $20 billion. In Pakistan, remittances are amongst the highest and most reliable sources of maintaining and growing foreign exchange reserves of the country, contributing to more than 22% of all the foreign exchange earnings.  The need of the hour is to bring the remittances from informal to formal channels and the biggest challenge is doing that is the speed, reliability, cost, access and convenience to the beneficiaries. Transaction processing being the forte of TPS made possible the successful launch of an effective system for banks to capitalize on through a fast and fully automated remittance processing system.

Under its continuing R&D initiatives, TPS is proud to announce the release of its Remittance Processing System.RPS brings with it the rich experience of TPS in the transaction processing business.  RPS, like all TPS products is designed to offer the maximum in terms of scalability and reliability. TPS’ business domain knowledge, experience, exposure and well rounded approach promise’s successful implementations.

Tameer Bank with IRIS at the heart of its e-Banking platform is further capitalizing on its existing infrastructure to offer new and innovative home remittance service for its customers using the Remittance Processing System. This system will provide an automated mechanism to facilitate the inflow of Home Remittances from authorized Exchange companies/Banks to Tameer Bank in Pakistan. It uses the existing infrastructure of the financial institution to process, cleanse and transact the remittance payments to the beneficiaries, either directly to their accounts , thru Branch counters, M-Wallets, Cardless Withdrawal and Prepaid Remittance Cards. Tameer Bank already offers domestic remittance transfers and now to move a level ahead it will be offering home remittances through easypaisa. This implementation allows Tameer Bank to enjoy a risk free avenue of earning revenue.

“The relationship between Tameer Bank and TPS spans over half a decade and we have dreamt and are implementing solutions that will truly change the e-Banking landscape of the region. We have found TPS to be always up to the challenge be it the technology or the time lines. We are proud to have TPS on our side and we were happy to be their customers for the Remittance Processing System. A unique proposition of TPS is the home work they do before stepping into any other stream and they surely did their share in the Remittance Business.
" Ali Abbas Sikander, Group Executive Director, Tameer Bank
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UPayment service gains momentum

Habib Bank Limited, among the top 3 banks in Pakistan, and Summit Bank, - , launches UPayments, a unique mobile banking service. Upayment is an initiative taken by Ufone and TPS, leaning on the mobile banking technology. The service has been housed within Ufone on a variety of platforms.  The interested bank just has to integrate their system to this hub enabling all the mobile services to be taken care of.

With this launch, the banks customers can do their account enquiries, pay bills, do mobile top-ups and perform funds transfers using their head sets. The service can be used by the banks customers on any make and kind of cell phone.

TPS has a solid track record of bringing many innovations in the history of cards and payments industry. Availing the opportunities arising from the rapid mobile phone penetration, TPS has been progressively working on the development of innovative mobile payments solutions and building industry alliances to launch several branchless banking initiatives.

IRIS mobile, the TPS mobile banking technology for mobile money and banking services is the core technology behind UPayments. This allows connectivity across various technical interfaces to the banks and is connected to the USSD gateway of the telcos. The service has been initially launched on USSD gateway. USSD is the most widely used service for broad based handsets. With the launch of UPayments, customers can avail banking services while roaming anywhere in the world with Ufone’s vast international roaming network

Among other initiatives planned for near future on this platform, the foremost is to offer intra-bank and inter-bank funds transfer, person to person payments, domestic remittances and many more services, allowing customers to use mobile channel for a wide range of banking and payment services.
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Al Fardan Exchange enables Salary Distribution on other banks Transaction Touch-points

Al Fardan Exchange- UAE, a leading money exchange and remittance house, enables salary distribution and instant remittances on other banks ATM network.  To enable this, Al Fardan has joined hands with ENBD and connected IRIS with ENBD switching system for offering salary disbursement and online remittances from bank’s ATMs. This implementation is the first of its kind in the whole of Middle East.

IRIS at AL Fardan serves as a complete salary card solution, POS controller and ATM controller system. It’s a complete pay roll management system for corporates and facilitates quick and transparent salary disbursement cycles in light of the WPS mandate by the UAE Central government. The solution also caters to companies that are not part of WPS.

 Initially under this solution Al Fardan Exchange implemented TPS Switch and Prepaid Card System(IRIS) to connect ATMs/POS and issue stored value cards to the employees of the companies.  AFX now took its initiative further by connecting IRIS with ENBD’s switching system.  Emirates EBD bank is one of the biggest banks in UAE with over 650 ATMs spread across the country.

 The solution enables end-to-end automation of remittances and salary disbursal for AFE operations. Till date there are 75,000 registered employees from different corporations in UAE who are withdrawing salaries from POS or ATMs. Al Fardan enables corporates to offer  e-money card holders a greater degree of convenience allowing them to access salary withdrawals and remittances 24 x 7 through a wide coverage of ENBD ATMs spread across the country.  Remittances can now be made to any correspondent bank worldwide with competitive rates.
Corporates can now focus more on their core business activities as they save the trouble of the additional accounting required for cash transactions.

“The integrated Salary card solution is a secure and convenient option enabling employees the peace of mind of receiving salaries on time directly on the salary cards. By connecting with ENBD switching system, the employees enjoy the added convenience and facility of withdrawing cash from even the remotest locations in UAE from POS or ATMs. Moving forward Al Fardan plans to offer various other e-money services such as mobile money transfers and card-to-card / card-to-account transfers.”
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