TPS - Making Transactions Happen
TPS extends its solutions and services portfolio with Symantec Partnership for disaster recovery solutions
TPS now offering Disaster Recovery Solutions in partnership with Symantec as a Symantec Partner in the region. This enables TPS to offer state-of-the-art disaster recovery solutions including data protection and high availability.

TPS will continue to deliver highest value to customers and demonstrate further expertise in various Symantec products to exude a higher level of customer satisfaction.

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TPS attracts Jobseekers at Rozee.PK Job fair
TPS continues to invest in its human resources by exhibiting in Rozee’s Job Fair 2008, which was held at Karachi Expo Center on 30th March, 2008.
ROZEE.PK has been holding job fairs for 4 consecutive years and has been hugely popular with the job seekers and employers alike. It provides an excellent platform for organizations to interact with qualified, deserving and high caliber individuals. The ROZEE.PK Job Fair 2008 in partnership with Jang Group has made history in Pakistan by pulling over 125,000 jobseekers to launch the 3-city fair in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Pakistan’s 100+ leading employers and over 50,000 job seekers participated in the job fair at Karachi and more than 5000 attendees were awarded with job offers. The fair provided an excellent opportunity for companies and professionals to get first-hand knowledge about the job market.

TPS’ presence at the fair generated unprecedented interest and created a significant impact on aspiring visitors. Thousands of job seekers thronged the TPS booth to acquire employment information and learn more about the exciting work environment and culture, competitive salary packages and attractive benefits.

TPS Human Resource team, along-with other key members of the TPS team, were present throughout the day to answer queries and receive applications. Spot interview sessions were also conducted to fast-track applications through our selection process.
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TPS holds its annual GBM for 2007

TPS organized one of its regular events, Annual General Body Meeting for the year 2007 in August, at the Avari Towers, Karachi. The event was represented by over 120 members. The meeting started on time with a welcome address by TPS’ Executive Vice President, Mr. Ovais Habib Khan followed by presentations by the team leads of Customer Support, Marketing, Technical and Human Resource departments.

In his welcome address, Mr. Ovais presented an overview of TPS’ objectives and its pivotal role in the e-Banking and e-Payments industry of the nation, and then discussed the agenda of the meeting. The team leads then continued to deliver well-articulated presentations highlighting their department’s strengths, achievements and initiatives during the past year and also shared their plans for the future followed by round of applause for the star achievers. Few minutes of break with coffee and snacks was given to rest and socialize with colleagues followed by remaining departmental presentations. These presentations provided a unique opportunity to all the employees of TPS to share, learn and provide input for further enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of departmental services.

The GBM came to a close with an encouraging and well rounded closing note by the CEO, Mr. Mohammad Sohail. The closing speech enlightened TPS family with a clear corporate vision and mission, successful memories of 2007 and great excitement and enthusiasm to step into the year ahead. He discussed a variety of initiatives aimed at enhancing the capacity to take TPS to greater heights and sustain its ‘Numero Uno’ position in the e-Banking industry. He ended the speech with great momentum where he thanked ‘the young pool of energetic, committed and capable individuals for active participation that make TPS what it is today”. The closing speech was followed by a question/answer session and constructive feedback from the TPS family members. The event was brought to a close with the announcement of dinner where everybody had an excellent time.

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TPS moves to its new facility in Dubai Internet City

TPS inaugurated its new office in Dubai Internet City in August 2007. Besides the elite clientele in Pakistan, TPS Middle East serves banks in Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman and Morocco.

The primary function of this front office is to provide first line customer support and services to its customers in MEA region, being closer to them geographically. The office manages support of over 35 customer sites including QTEL, Etisalat and MTC Vodafone. This has led TPS to emerge as a dominant player in the Middle Eastern market.

The breakthrough in the Middle East was venturing into cash deposit automation software. TPS SMART deposit, is the defacto standard in terminal based deposit automation solution in the Middle East. TPS solutions are robust, mature and stable, targeting vital sectors of high economic importance, banking and telco sectors.

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UBL broadens its service spectrum with TPS Technologies

United Bank Limited (UBL) is one of the largest commercial banks in Pakistan having more than 1,000 branches inside the country, 15 overseas branches, customer base of more than 3.5 million and international presence in 10 countries. With UBL’s state of the art online banking, customers have the convenience of accessing their account from more than 350 branches located in 71 cities across Pakistan. UBL has assets of over PKR 300 billion and a solid track record of forty six years. UBL has over 14,500 employees worldwide. With a wide-ranging and dynamic portfolio of globally competitive products and services and nearly half a century of a proven track record, UBL is considered to be one of the leading banks at the forefront of the banking sector.

UBL launches Inter Branch Transfer Solution (IBTS)
The financial segment of Pakistan in its zealous strategy to serve customers better is continually offering technically advanced and operationally enhanced services to its customers. In line with this strategy, UBL, having customer service at the heart of its operations, has launched Inter Branch Transfer nationwide in 682 Online Branches.

The idea originated from the use of 1st inter branch solution called Non-Financial Push (NFP) being used to send non-financial transactional messages across branches, of size up to 2 Kb. This could be particularly used for blocking pay-orders or exchanging critical branch information. However, where NFP could be initiated from a few branches only, IBT can be instigated from any online branch. The machines from where the message was initiated would send it to a central server where hosts from each bank would poll for their message. This system incurred speed limitations and traceability issues. With a total of more than 750 online branches and their X tellers polling for Y messages, the system could not be relied in the long term.
UBL and TPS together developed the program of IBT using Phoenix by TPS. Now, customers are empowered to transfer funds from an account in a branch to another account in a different branch, while the transaction can be initiated from any of the two or a third branch. Any Teller machine in a branch will forward the fund transfer details to the Phoenix server which will decide, through its communication with concerned hosts, that account A from a branch X shall be credited and account B from branch Y shall be debited.

This is a major boost in services for non card holders who do not use IBFT facility on ATM machines to transfer funds. Equally, there is a limit to the amount of fund transfer on ATM where as IBT transfers fund with no regard to the amount. Cheque clearing is independent of location and faster than ever consequently increasing branch’s efficiency. IBTS is also idyllic for cross city inter-bank payments as it allows funds transfer in a real-time, faster, secure and cost efficient manner. The IBTS origination also unlocks possibilities of unmarked and exciting product designs over this fundamental service infrastructure in the areas of customer to customer (C2C), business to business (B2B) and customer to business (C2B) transactions.

UBL, with its extensive branch network offers its customer international access through IBTS, delivering promised customer satisfaction, ease-of-use and cutting heavily on bank’s operational costs.

UBL Middle East implements effective Dispute Resolution system
In the previous years there has been a tremendous increase in the number and dependency on ATMs for providing value added banking services with greater convenience. This has led to a pressing need to monitor and control all elements of ATM networks more closely to increase
network reliability, especially when financial institutions are seeking to introduce new revenue-generating services to customers.

United Bank Limited, inline with its goal to maximize customer convenience, has opted for TPS InSight & EYE/EJ for monitoring and management of its extensive ATM Network in Middle East.

TPS InSight has proved to be the most fundamental solution for SST monitoring by significantly reducing management overheads, improving services and network uptime and providing flexible remote banking network monitoring and management platform. TPS has customized InSight and made the core application versatile by incorporating the Bank’s unique requirements like monitoring cash and cheque deposit transactions. This upgraded version of InSight is a rewrite of all legacy backend and front-end part of the application into the new and mature environment of .NET. This version is not only a technological upgrade but also moves the product ahead of other similar products in the market.

With the implementation of TPS EYE/EJ, UBL Middle East is enjoying the advantage of high quality, winning solution from TPS to exude a higher level of customer satisfaction, convenient and fast dispute resolution, in addition to operational efficiency and moderation.

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Saudi Pak Bank signs TPS for Disaster Recovery Solution

Saudi Pak Bank is an avant-garde organization differentiated by professionalism, dedication and a broad spectrum of innovative, customer-oriented & technologically advanced products & services. It currently spans across 21 cities of Pakistan with 50 online branches. In line with its customer-centric policy, Saudi Pak has inked a deal with TPS for Veritas Cluster Server, a solution which will provide disaster recovery and business continuity for the bank’s enterprise transaction switch, Phoenix, to cater to the requirements of Saudi-Pak Bank for e-Banking facilities to the customers and the operational staff.

TPS will provide industry's leading cross-platform clustering solution, for minimizing application downtime and ensuring high-availability of Saudi Pak’s mission critical services with ideally zero data loss. This robust and reliable solution also guarantees data consistency and integrity at primary as well as disaster recovery site.
Cluster Server, through central management tools, automated failover, features to test disaster recovery plans without disruption, and advanced failover management based on server capacity allows IT professionals to capitalize on resources by moving ahead of reactive recovery to proactive management of application availability.

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1LINK successfully migrates its Data Centre infrastructure

1LINK, the largest financial shared services switch in Pakistan, has accompanied the banks, from the front, in their growth and enhancement of their ADCs, by offering innovative services. 27 Member Banks are currently using 1LINK platform to facilitate their customers while benefiting from the array of 1LINK services; from simple ATM network sharing to more complex inter-bank funds transfer facility, VISA, Utility Bills Payment etc.

Recently, 1LINK achieved a major milestone by shifting its full fledged operations to 1LINK Data Center at Park Towers. This major commotion was planned in two phases, first being network migration - 18th August ’07 and other being Server Migration & Movement – 28th October ‘07.This phased approach resulted in minimum downtime and service interruption.

TPS congratulates 1LINK team on successful migration to their newly constructed Data Center and office.

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ABN Amro Pakistan contracts TPS for MasterCard Debit

ABN AMRO Bank, one of the most reputable foreign banks in Pakistan with over 80 branches covering 24 cities, has inked a deal with TPS to acquire technology for Debit MasterCard program.By becoming a member of MasterCard, ABN AMRO Pakistan will empower its customers the ultimate convenience and financial control through worldwide acceptance and benefits of MasterCard; with 24 million POS terminals in 996,000 locations and more than a million ATMs in 210 countries across all 7 continents, no payment card is more widely accepted globally than MasterCard.

TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, is a strategic technology partner of ABN AMRO Bank in the area of remote banking.

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1LINK goes 3DES and PCI DSS compliant with VISA

1LINK (Guarantee) Limited, Pakistan largest shared ATM network is now 3DES and PCI DSS compliant with VISA. Visa Inc., is the world's largest retail electronic payments network and the most recognized global financial services brands.

As per VISA mandate, the middleware/switching system’s processing, storing, or transmitting payment card data must be PCI DSS compliant to prevent compromise in customer’s valuable data. Additionally VISA has mandated all banks to upgrade their ATMs and implement a more secure data encryption standard, 3DES. 1LINK being VISA certified and compliant,offers its valuable members access to VISA's global transaction processing network – VisaNet in 170 countries and territories with unsurpassed acceptance at 29 million merchant outlets and 1 million ATMs across the world.

1LINK, now being 3DES & PCI DSS compliant, offers its valuable customers a multifaceted security standard that caters to security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. 1LINK, is the largest shared ATM network in Pakistan, with a network of 2100 + ATMs and will help banks proactively protect customer account data. The 3DES encryption standard, implemented by 1LINK, will help prevent sophisticated frauds.

This is one of the latest initiatives taken up by 1LINK after the VISA connectivity, Inter bank funds transfer and utility bills payment service on the 1LINK platform. TPS provides support of 3DES and PCI DSS for the latest in industry-mandated advanced security standards for solutions meeting the need of e-banking industry.

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Case Study : 1Link goes live with Utility Bill Payment Service

The Need
A significant increase in the number of utility services subscribers has drastically increased the number of transactions, making deposit and collection of utility bills tedious, inefficient and costly. In addition faulty reconciliation of bills from different collection points has been hampering the growth and quality of service of these companies. To make this process efficient and cost effective, the need for an automated Utility Bill Payment Service was felt.

The Challenge
The bill payment process and customer service standard could only be solved with a centralized platform that facilitates bill payment any-time any-where, whereby removing reconciliation anomalies and overheads.

1LINK was a perfect platform to present an advanced payment service as it had the connectivity to all major banks and electronic transactions from ADCs were already being routed through it. Responding to the customer needs, TPS yet again came up with a model of service (Utility Bill Payment System) which the 1LINK member banks readily adapted.

The Solution
Utility Bill Payment Service (UBPS) is an Electronic Bills Presentment and Payment (EBPP) system, intended to facilitate 1LINK member banks to offer bill presentment and payment service through their electronic delivery channels.

Member banks that choose to present UBPS to its customers will have the advantage of offering the service through its ATM network or any other delivery channel that the bank prefers. This provides an added benefit to the bank as new utility companies are being interfaced with 1LINK, the member bank’s customer can easily pay a greater variety of bills. Now the bank does not have to interface with different utility companies to offer bill payment, rather just have one interface with 1LINK which can cover all utility companies.

The Success
Utility Bill Payment System (UBPS) on 1LINK switch was successfully launched on 31st July 2007 for the gas sector of Pakistan, powered by TPS technologies; which have taken 1LINK to new heights towards modernizing e-Payment systems and e-Commerce objectives of the e-Banking marketplace.

Currently eight banks are LIVE with 1LINK-UBPS service and more banks are gearing up for certification.

“Utility Bills Payment System(UBPS) is a one window facility, whereby customers of 1LINK participating member banks would be able to pay their Utility bills through various electronic delivery channels like ATMs, Internet, IVR and call centers etc., round the clock on 24 x 7 basis anywhere in Pakistan.”

Khayyam Mahmood Butt
Chief Executive, 1LINK

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Habib Bank Expands its horizon of e-banking with TPS

The dawn of e-banking has revolutionized the way financial services industry conducts business, empowering financial institutions with new business models and innovative ways to offer worldwide, 24x7 accessibility to their customers. Habib Bank Limited has always been on the forefront of offering value-added services through its diversified alternate delivery channels. HBL, over the past 11 years, have constituted an unparalleled and robust financial delivery architecture with an extensive network of 1400+ online branches, 270+ ATM machines and around half a million cards serving over 5 million customers base. TPS is a longtime e-banking strategy and implementation partner of HBL for its global operations in 25 countries. The latest highlights of this valuable partnership are outlined below:

Phoenix to revamp ATM infrastructure in Oman
To offer completely characterized self-service banking services to its customers in Oman, HBL has chosen TPS Phoenix switching middleware. At HBL Oman, Phoenix will replace the existing switching technology, offering reliability, flexibility, maturity and focused services at par with HBL’s commitment to excellence.

Phoenix is an EFT switch and middleware that dovetails various remote banking channels into an integrated alternate distribution schema for delivery of various financial and non-financial services through a unified interface. TPS Phoenix will be implemented as an ATM Controller and a debit card issuance system besides providing connectivity to the country’s shared ATM network and Al-Watani Switch.

“Serving a vast global clientele , HBL carries with it an equally critical responsibility of serving its customer base with convenient and innovative products and services. Technology, supported by competent and timely services, play a momentous role in a business’ success. We found TPS as a reliable technology partner with professional commitment towards delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions. At HBL Oman, Phoenix delivered seamless integration while involving minimum risk and disruption to the bank’s operations. We are confident that Phoenix will be a significant platform for the bank now and in the future to continue offering value added services to its customers”

Mr. Ekram-ul-Haq,
VP & Head ADC, IT Group, HBL

Global acceptability & greater convenience with the launch of VISA flagged credit card
Adhering to its commitment to provide greater convenience and global acceptability, HBL has launched its VISA flagged Credit Card, packed with the international power of Visa, with over 24 million acceptance locations in 25 countries.

Having country's second largest ATM network and added delivery channels to offer convenient, secure & accessible services to its customers, HBL offers various financial and non-financial credit card services for its cardholders on its 24x7 available electronic channels. The introduction of VISA credit card marks HBL’s latest addition to a series of new initiatives aimed at adding value to its vast product repertoire.

HBL selected TPS to have an online integration between TPS enterprise switching technology, Phoenix, and CTL Credit Card Host, and to enable the services on the delivery channels driven by Phoenix. CTL, now TSYS Card Tech, is a UK-based global provider of innovative systems to the payment card industry and is one of the largest card processor in the world.

TPS, with 100+ satisfied customers across 25 countries, feels proud to be associated with HBL as a trusted technology partner and selection for its operation worldwide is a testimony to the trust and confidence placed on TPS.

Improved customer services with InSight 3.1
For empowering its customers with enhanced services and greater uptime of its vast network of ATMs, HBL has implemented Insight 3.1, the next generation web based Self Service Terminal monitoring and management solution from TPS.

InSight 3.1, implemented and live at HBL, is the next generation web based solution for monitoring the ATM network from anywhere, anytime. This allows HBL to help its clients decrease customer service calls, maintain a healthy customer service relationship, improve operational efficiencies and reduce downtime to the best possible. InSight is a one stop cost effective solution and serves as the central point in the banks for: Information acquisition related to any aspect of the ATM network,enabling suspect transaction resolution, reporting, quick and proactive alert notifications for any issues relating to the ATM network or Hosts.

“With over 1.5 million terminals worldwide, the ATM channel has become a key touch point and has attached increased value to it beyond simple cash dispensing. Any ATM network downtime therefore impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty. Having a all-in-one solution like InSight, for monitoring the entire ATM network enables HBL to monitor ATMs remotely and cost-effectively, which ultimately impacts our customer services and profit objectives.”

Mr. Ekram-ul-Haq,
VP & Head ADC, IT Group, HBL

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SCB selects TPS for its Integrated Financial Services Architecture

SCB, with a history of over 150 years in banking, operates in many of the world's fastest-growing markets with an extensive global network of over 1,600 branches in over 50 countries. SCB Pakistan has selected TPS Phoenix for managing its alternate distribution and remote banking program.

Recently, after the acquisition of Union Bank in Pakistan, SCB has undergone rigorous exercise in order to integrate the software systems of the two banks. In the process, SCB successfully converted to eBBs as a single core banking system. Worldwide, SCB has outsourced its switching operations to Euronet - a global leader in processing secure electronic financial and payment transactions. However, selection of Phoenix over their existing ATM switching system and Transaction Platform for integrating SCB’s remote banking channels in Pakistan is indeed a matter of pride for TPS.

Phoenix will be used by the bank for deploying various value-added financial services for its customers on diversified delivery channels, while maintaining a single, consistent and reliable interface to their back-end core banking system. This will effectively shield and segregate SCB’s delivery and channel management from its core business functions allowing the bank to concentrate on core business development, whereas Phoenix will take care of reliable interaction and transaction delivery on any customer touch point interacting with it. The alternate distribution architecture based on Phoenix offers a flexible growth path whereby new services and solutions can be seamlessly integrated within the framework of Phoenix Switching Middleware.

"Phoenix delivers the flexibility, performance and scalability required for critical operations like transaction processing and alternate delivery channel management - all on a unified, integratable platform that can be deployed swiftly,"

Syed Shoaib Pasha,
Head of Projects – IT, Standard Chartered Bank

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National Switch of Bangladesh goes live with Phoenix

BRAC Bank Ltd, the fastest growing bank in Bangladesh, and ITCL (QCash), a private ATM network currently serving 12 member banks, have launched OMNIBUS, the first neutral inter-bank switch in Bangladesh.

OMNIBUS is an independent association of member banks and financial institutions that will operate and manage the shared switch. As a first step, OMNIBUS integrates the ATM & POS networks of BRAC Bank and Q-Cash, enabling cardholders of BRAC Bank and QCash member banks to access their accounts from any of the 150+ ATMs and 1,200+ POS terminals. OMNIBUS, powered by TPS’ Phoenix switch, is modeled around the success of 1LINK, the shared ATM switch of Pakistan

The shared ATM/POS switch offers significant convenience to customers of its member banks through greater transaction touch points, providing 24/7 banking.

OMNIBUS creates a more efficient national payment infrastructure by electronically switching payment transactions between member banks. In addition, the instant increase in the number of ATMs enables the banks to improve their operational efficiency and customer services.

OMNIBUS is expected to catalyze the growth of e-Banking in Bangladesh, setting a firm foundation for the introduction of more value-added services like bill payments and transfers, on diversified electronic channels. The shared network will soon offer services to facilitate the customers to access their accounts conveniently.

“BRAC Bank is proud to have TPS as its key technology partner in its alternate delivery channel proliferation strategy. BRAC Bank's proprietary ATM network, launched in 2005, is driven by Phoenix and more recently, TPS has also provided the inter bank switching solution for the OMNIBUS shared ATM network sponsored by BRAC Bank. What differentiates TPS from other technology partners is that it is a forward looking and agile institution that has not only held our hand during these critical technology implementations but also shared freely of their vast repertoire of knowledge in this area”

Mr Kaiser Tamiz Amin
DMD & COO, BRAC Bank Ltd.

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TPS at MEFTEC 2007

MEFTEC – a premier financial technology event in the Middle East region was held on the 12 - 13 February 2007. TPS showcased its cutting-edge payment and electronic banking solutions against other global and regional competing offerings.

The next generation switch, which provides delivery channel management, customer and product profiling, ATM monitoring, business intelligence and end-to-end EMV compliance, generated unprecedented interest. The recent success of TPS switch in Qatar and Bahrain and TPS’ end-to-end EMV certified solutions, which include acquiring, issuing and personalization also created immense enthusiasm among the industry leaders.

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Allied Bank: TPS driving the largest ATM Network in Pakistan
We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to one of our most valuable clients, Allied Bank for reaching a 300 plus ATM mark. The e-Banking architecture at ABL revolves around Phoenix that is effectively managing ABL’s entire ATM network while introducing innovative services such as Inter-Bank Funds transfer, VISA Debit, Utility bill payments etc.

ABL is among the largest banks in Pakistan with more than 700 branches located in over 300 cities and towns with all its branches offering real-time online banking. The bank is also ranked as one of the banks providing the most innovative and modern e-Banking services. We are proud to have ABL as part of our client family and look forward to continuing to provide cutting edge services to enable them to further achieve their coveted goals and endeavors.

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TPS Phoenix certifies with Sudan National Switch
TPS Transaction Switch and an Integrated Delivery channel, Phoenix, at Bank of Khartoum is successfully certified with the National Switch of Sudan. Bank of Khartoum ("BOK") which is based in North Africa is one of the oldest and largest banks of Sudan, with 49 branches and is part of the Dubai Islamic Bank group.

The certification of Phoenix with the National switch provides connectivity of Bank of Khartoum’s entire ATM network with all other participating banks in Sudan. The bank now enables the customers to withdraw cash and perform various other value-added transactions from any of the ATM across Sudan, anytime and with increased convenience. The integration with National Switch will accelerate the growth of the banks business and further enhance its customer relationships across the country.

The recent implementation of Phoenix at Bank of Khartoum has laid a perfect platform to launch new products and services quickly and efficiently. The bank plans to grow rapidly in this year, with a rollout of 70 + ATMs in the near future. “The successful integration of our bank with the National switch of Sudan is a testimony to the strong synergy between Bank of Khartoum and TPS. We look forward to a lasting relationship with TPS” Dr. Khalid Osman, Head of IT, Bank of Khartoum.

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Prime Bank boosts its customer services through TPS technologies
With great pleasure TPS announces that Prime Bank implements Help Desk Agent, a comprehensive CRM solution for its e-Banking customers.

HDA provides the help desk agents with all the required customer and card information to instantaneously respond to customer calls and queries, resulting in a better customer services, better efficiency of the bank’s call center and reduced load on the operations department of the bank.

"The TPS team provided Prime Bank with an excellent & comprehensive CRM solution, Help Desk Agent. This will help us to manage the intense and critical requirements for handling our customer’s queries, leading to efficient customer services. TPS is pleasure to work with and their insight was invaluable to the successful delivery of the project." Mr. Hammad Haider, Manager Card Operations, Prime Bank.

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ABN Amro enables the acceptability of its credit cards on the entire 1LINK ATM network
With the never ending possibilities in the captive and emerging e-Banking marketplace, TPS continues to boost further convenience and ease for the local credit card holders. The local credit card holders can now use the credit cards issued by 1LINK member banks on entire 1LINK ATM network. This implementation makes ABN Amro one of the first bank to offer ATM cards and credit card in one. This service gives the credit card holder the combined strength of obtaining cash advances at more than 925 ATMs across Pakistan, conveniently and at any time of the day around the year. ABN Amro became the fourth bank in Pakistan to enable its credit card holders the facility to obtain cash advance from any 1LINK ATM in Pakistan to pay for unforeseen expenses without carrying wads of money. In addition to ABN Amro, TPS has also powered the acceptability of credit cards on the entire 1LINK ATM network for Askari, Union and Bank AlFalah.
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TPS at the forefront of EMV migration with EMV certification at UBL Qatar and UBL Bahrain
UBL Qatar has successfully migrated to EMV, the global chip card specification, with TPS technologies. With this launch UBL Qatar becomes the first Pakistani bank in Qatar to successfully achieve EMV certification with NAPS, the Qatar Central Bank switch.

With EMV issuer certification, UBL Qatar’s clients can now use their chip based VISA debit cards on all EMV enabled terminals, anywhere in the world. In addition to this, UBL can also acquire all EMV cards on its ATM network in Qatar. This certification enables UBL Qatar’s clients to benefit from EMV chip applications and authentication services which help deter counterfeit, lost and stolen cards.

TPS is at the forefront of EMV migration in GCC region with recent certification of EMV Acquiring in UBL Bahrain as well. TPS products and solutions are ready with end-to-end EMV certified solutions which includes acquiring, issuing and chip card personalization solution, Sentinel.

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TPS and First Dawood Islamic Bank Sign Agreement for IRIS Enterprise Middleware
First Dawood Islamic Bank signed an agreement with TPS for acquisition of its next generation financial transaction switching technology, IRIS. IRIS will act as the bank’s core e-Banking platform around which FDIBL will roll out its complete remote banking program including ATMs, internet banking, phone/SMS banking supported with dispute resolution services and business intelligence tools.

IRIS is the latest and state of the art switching technology that is based on a decade of TPS’s experience and expertise in the field of e-Banking and e-Payments. With this agreement, FDIBL became the 24th bank within Pakistan that has opted for cutting edge technologies from TPS to enhance their customer experience through flexible remote and e-Banking services.

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Soneri Bank goes International with the launch of VISA
TPS and Soneri Bank strike a milestone with the launch of Soneri’s VISA labeled ATM & Debit Cards using 1LINK connectivity.

Available to all Soneri’s card holders, VISA Debit Card enables the cardholders to use their cards and access their funds locally and internationally to purchase at over 24 million point-of-sale and withdraw cash from more than 1 million ATMs in 170 countries. With implementation of the solution, Soneri can also acquire in future all VISA branded cards on its network of onsite and offsite ATMs spread all over Pakistan.

This implementation will not only benefit Soneri from value added product offerings leading to enhanced customer services but also enable it to keep up with its drive of retaining and attracting new customers. In addition, it will lead to reduced operational costs and increased transactional revenue; whereby more transactions can be migrated to a cost-effective channel while delivering a seamless transaction experience to its customers.

“The launch of Visa Debit & ATM cards has removed bottleneck of local geographical boundaries. The product has provided convenience and capability to our customers to access their funds and make payments 24/7 locally and internationally. The success of the VISA Debit project is a testament both to the quality of the solution and its implementation by expert team members of TPS.” Mohammad Haider Devjianie, Executive Vice President, Information Technology Division, Soneri Bank Limited.

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Qatar Telecom launches cash-based bill payment machines using TPS technologies
Qatar Telecom has launched cash-based bill payment machines during Doha Asian Games held in December 2006. This allows QTEL customers to view their outstanding bill and pay or top-up online by depositing cash. The cash payment machines are relying on the strength and reliability of TPS switching technology, Phoenix, while TPS InSight is being used for effective and real time monitoring of the machines.

The successful implementation of cash-only solution has laid the foundation for second phase of the solution to accept payments through EMV-based ATM and Credit Cards in Qatar.

Phoenix has been well-accepted in the financial marketplace and makes its way successfully in the fast growing and service-oriented telecom sector with implementation at Qatar Telecom.

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Etisalat’s Bill Payment Machines goes live with TPS Technology
Etisalat, one of the leading telecommunications service providers in the Middle East, is accepting cash on machines to pay bills. The cash deposited gets credited to the customers account online and real time, providing any time payment facility to the large customer base. With this implementation TPS has all major telecoms in the Gulf among its customers.

SMARTdeposit offers flexible services on the terminals to serve post-paid, prepaid, internet and landline customers alike. Customer can also pay multiple bills at a time, which not only reduces payment hassles but customer’s time on the terminal as well.

These bill payment machines are integrated with Etisalat billing server using TPS switching technology, Phoenix. The successful implementation of cash-only solution has already laid foundation for second phase of the solution to accept payments through EMV-based ATM and Credit cards.

TPS can provide both switch-based and terminal-resident cash deposit solutions in form of TPS switch “Phoenix” and deposit automation solution “SMARTdeposit”, to meet varying requirements of the customers. TPS stands as the frontrunner in the deposit automation in various regions including Middle East, by providing robust, mature and stable solutions, running successfully at 30+ banks and all major telecom companies.

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Prime Bank diversifies its ATM network with Diebold ATMs
Phoenix at Prime bank has diversified expansion of the Bank’s ATM network. Prime Bank’s ATM Network is now a combination of multi-vendor ATMs of the leading three ATM brand with Diebold ATMs being the latest. Serving the e-Banking industry for over a decade now, Phoenix continues to meet Prime Bank’s needs with its flexible and diverse platform.
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EYE and EJ – Dispute Resolution made conveniently easy at ABN AMRO and Soneri Bank
ABN AMRO and Soneri Bank have successfully implemented TPS’ EYE – ATM transaction camera for its varied flavours of NCR, Wincor and Diebold ATMs in Pakistan. With this implementation, both these banks continue to take advantage of high quality, winning solution from TPS to exude a higher level of customer satisfaction, convenient and fast dispute resolution, in addition to operational efficiency and moderation. Commending the solution our clients express their views…

"Being trend setters and pioneers of innovative solutions, TPS’s excellent multi vendor Camera solution has helped ABN Amro to fulfill the critical requirements of the bank for dispute resolution and efficient customer services. TPS solutions are extremely reliable, flexible and straight forward to implement. The installation of EYE with CERT technology on our multi-vendor ATM network is the testimony of the compliance of their solutions. We look forward to a lasting relationship with TPS."

Waqas Anis, Services Manager
ABN Amro Bank

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TPS deposit solution supports NCR’s next generation Bunch Note Acceptors with GBNA technology
TPS SMARTdeposit, deposit and Bill payments solution, has the capability to integrate with NCR Persona ATMs with bulk note acceptor functionality, including the latest models with GBNA technology. This new technology delivers the most extensive range of cash, deposit and account based transactions on a single ATM. This will provide the banks customers round-the-clock and optimized cash depositing facilities and dual cash dispensing capabilities as well, thereby improving branch efficiency and customer satisfaction.

SMARTdeposit is the defacto standard in terminal based deposit automation solution in the Middle East. Introduced in 2000, the product is a robust, mature and stable solution, running successfully at 30+ banks and telecom companies.

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Faysal Bank migrates to SYMBOLS platform with TPS technologies
TPS is pleased to announce that Faysal Bank has successfully gone live with SYMBOLS, a cutting edge end-to-end universal banking application/ host, developed by Systems Access. Faysal Bank is the second bank in Pakistan after MCB, to seamlessly migrate to SYMBOLS with the support of TPS technologies. TPS is pleased to announce that Phoenix, the transaction processing switch and integrated delivery channel manager from TPS, is now certified and provides support for yet another international banking application. Phoenix delivered seamless integration while involving minimum risk and disruption to the Bank's operations.
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Askari extends its corporate customer portfolio on TPS Orbit
Askari Bank has recently launched TPS ORBIT, corporate banking solution for its corporate banking clients. With this recent launch, Askari already has two corporate clients on its corporate banking list.

With this launch, the corporate customers can now avail 24/7 banking services, which direct to the path for a remote banking solution for Corporate Customers. Askari has extended the facility to cater to the growing demand of corporate clients for a paperless, easy-to-use, electronic banking facility. It meets the needs of the most sophisticated customers by providing access to a range of corporate banking facilities such as initiating salary disbursements, funds transfers, e-payments, and pay order issuance requests.

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Allied Bank increases e-Banking footprint with TPS technologies

Offering various standard e-Banking services through its diverse choice of alternate delivery channels over the past 6 years, Allied Bank of Pakistan (ABL) recently took a quantum leap by not only rapidly growing its ATM network but also diversifying its alternate delivery channels through Phoenix Financial Kiosks and PRISM, Internet Banking solution.

PRISM – Powering Allied Direct with a rich transaction and feature set

To empower its customers with further convenience, ABL has launched its internet banking product "Allied Direct", an on-line banking facility in which the customers would be facilitated to use the banking service round the clock through internet browsing from any part of the world. Customers can access their bank account to transfer funds, check their balances, get their account statements, place request for cheque books and get transaction alerts. This implementation of this new alternate delivery channel will enable the Allied bank customers to securely transact with the bank within the comfort of their homes or office and even on a holiday. This further enables the bank to concentrate on other cross-selling and revenue generating activities in the traditional branch, whereby enhancing branch operational efficiencies.

Alternate ways of Bill Payments through TPS UBPS solution

Allied Bank is amongst very few banks in Pakistan that have successfully rolled out real-time Electronic Utility Bill Presentment and Payment both on Internet Banking & ATMs. Allied is amongst a few banks in Pakistan to offer Utility bills payments services through its alternate distribution. ABL customers can now view and pay their utility bills electronically at any of the bank’s ATMs as well as over the Internet, anytime, anywhere and instantaneously.

Higher Service levels and managed customer relations

To continue with its drive of enhancing customer services, Allied Bank has also implemented Help Desk Agent, a comprehensive CRM solution for its e-Banking customers. HDA provides the help desk agents with all the required customer and card information to instantaneously respond to customer calls and queries. With this implementation, Allied Bank continues to improve the efficiency and productivity of their help desk clients, besides paving a way for greater customer satisfaction.

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Atlas Bank goes live with IRIS, the Next Generation Enterprise Switch and an Integrated Delivery Channel Manager
Atlas Bank launches diverse e-banking alternate delivery channel services with IRIS at the heart of its e-banking infrastructure. IRIS at Atlas Bank is effectively achieving milestones of the bank’s entire e-Banking program, ranging from debit card rollout to ATM network management and a multitude of alternate delivery channels.

IRIS robust processing engine, intuitive user interface, multiple system interface and business intelligence features have set a foundation for Atlas bank that will enable the bank to enrich its service portfolio with endless possibilities.

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TPS and Commercial bank of Kuwait sign agreement for IRIS Enterprise Switch
Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK)and TPS has entered into an agreement though which TPS will provide CBK with its next generation switching technology, IRIS. With 47 conveniently located branches Commercial Bank of Kuwait operates the second largest full service network in Kuwait. It is indeed a milestone for TPS to penetrate into the Kuwaiti market and implement a next generation enterprise switch and an integrated delivery channel manager. IRIS will act as the bank’s core e-Banking platform around which CBK will roll out its complete remote banking program including ATMs, internet banking, phone/SMS banking supported with dispute resolution services and business intelligence tools.

With aggressive expansion plans, CBK is well-positioned to serve its customers and exude higher levels of customer service and product offerings.

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TPS at GITEX 2006 and NCR Roadshow 2006
GITEX, one of the undisputed leaders among Information Technology events, is the largest and most successful ICT exhibition in the Middle East. Now in its 26th year, GITEX ranks as the third largest ICT exhibition in the world. This year 386 participants from 25 countries and 18,684 trade visitors from the industry, government and related trade associations. It was a great opportunity for TPS to participate in this event alongside the Pakistan Software Export Board. Gitex is a powerful forum that provided an ideal platform for TPS to launch its new products, IRIS and Sentinel. TPS took this opportunity to boost public awareness, while providing value-added exposure to its entire range of products and services. Gitex 2006 provided an excellent ground for TPS to network with existing clients and partners as well as exploring new business avenues.

The event that ran in parallel with Gitex 2006 was the NCR Road show 2006, hosted in the heart of UAE, Dubai. This one day technology event was focused on the financial services, self service and payment technology solutions. Being a technology partner, TPS actively participated and showcased various latest e-Banking solutions on the latest NCR hardware. The NCR Road show was a perfect arena that provided TPS with an opportunity to display its SMART deposit automation solution, currency exchange and InSight, ATM monitoring and management solutions. Being demonstrated on the latest NCR series of ATMs, TPS solutions on display generated unprecedented interest of IT officials of Banks that attended the show.

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TPS now offering Disaster Recovery Solutions in partnership with Symantec
TPS, a pioneer in the field of e-Banking and e-Payments in Pakistan, is pleased to announce its association with Symantec as a Symantec Partner in the region. This enables TPS to offer state-of-the-art disaster recovery solutions including data protection and high availability. TPS will continue to deliver highest value to customers and demonstrate further expertise in various Symantec products to exude a higher level of customer satisfaction.
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TPS solutions and services, consolidating and laying the road-map for CresBank’s self-service banking initiatives
Crescent Commercial Bank has puts its trust in TPS solutions to revamp and extend its e-Banking services. Inline with CresBank’s ambition to provide high quality customer service, technological leadership and comprehensive range of products and services, TPS recently set off Phoenix 3.5 empowering CresBank’s ATM card with newer services and rolling out Personal Loan product offering on CresBank’s ATM Network. Further convenience is extended to the banking consumers by allowing multiple account relationships of a customer to be managed by a single plastic. The implementation also involved certain rigorous back end integration exercise to strengthen CresBank’s self-service banking infrastructure.

“By choosing TPS, Crescent bank has been able to meet the challenges of enhancing customer services, improving its marketing capabilities and offering the best services to its customers, quickly and cost effectively.”

Mr. Syed Mazhar Hasan
Vice President, Head of IT
Crescent Commercial Bank Limited

CresBank has now successfully launched its ATM Card with an enhanced alternate delivery channel infrastructure. CresBank’ e-banking infrastructure includes Phoenix, the Integrated Channel Manager and Transaction Switching Middleware and ACCeSS, Card Personalization and Customer Management application.

To address the areas of operational ease and customer service excellence, CresBank has also 'expanded its Alternate Delivery Channel forefront by integrating IVR with Phoenix. With IVR integration, CresBank has stepped closer to further strengthen its banking operations and customer services. IVR has helped CresBank greatly by improving customer service and lowering cost with automating their common calls.

“Our IVR services in collaboration with Phoenix gives our callers the information they need, plus it provides us an opportunity to cross-sell our products to our customers. IVR extends our most commonly required banking services to our customer 24 hours a day.

“In addition to IVR, we also plan to soon rollout Funds Transfer services on our ATM network and Internet Banking services. With these TPS solutions, CresBank is well positioned in a highly competitive and evolving e-Banking marketplace to deal with new challenges and to meet new demands.”

Mr. Syed Mazhar Hasan

CresBank choice of TPS’ e-banking and e-payments solutions together with management and customer services applications is just part of the CresBank’s overall technology strategy. The strategy focuses on continuous & stable growth in CresBank’s e-banking services portfolio while improving information consolidation, offering new services to customers, strengthening customer communication mechanisms and customer relationship.

Great implementations are a testament to hard work, dedication and a superb team effort. We' are proud that Crescent Commercial Bank’s trust in our expertise has been repaid by a smooth implementation.

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Phoenix making waves in Sudan… ATMs go live at Bank of Khartoum and Emirates and Sudan Bank with TPS technologies
“Bank of Khartoum” and “Emirates and Sudan Bank”, two big names in Sudan’s banking industry chose TPS technologies to introduce new innovative debit card services for their ATM networks.

Both these banks have currently implemented Phoenix, the Transaction Switching Middleware and Integrated Delivery Channel Manager, along with InSight, the SST Network Monitoring and Management solution, and ACCeSS, the Card and Customer Management System. The turn-around-time for deployment has been phenomenal, with rapid addition of the entire ATM network.

TPS solutions are being used at these banks to provide a wide range of self-service banking services for its customers at the ATM. This implementation has provided both the banks with opportunities to reduce costs and improve flexibility, enhance customer service and improve marketing capabilities by rolling out their debit card program. Offering these services takes the customer experience to the next level whereby the banking customers will be able to perform transactions anytime at the bank’s ATM. The adoption of TPS’ switching and card solutions is just a part of the banks overall self-service banking strategy which is to continue to facilitate its information and communication mechanisms to its customers.

With this implementation, both these banks aim to heavily expand their ATM network. Bank of Khartoum will commence the roll out of 70+ ATMs where as Emirates & Sudan bank also plans to extend its ATM network to 20+ ATMs shortly. Bank of Khartoum and Emirates and Sudan Bank are also going to be connected to the National Switch of Sudan in the near future which will allow their customers to carry out inter-bank transactions to withdraw cash and perform various other transactions. The banks are very strategically placed and are dedicated to provide a comprehensive range of innovative, convenient and value added services.

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TPS now Microsoft Certified Partner
TPS Pakistan is extremely pleased to announce its new status as the Microsoft Certified Partner in Microsoft Corp.’s Partner Program. As per the competency requirements of the Certified Partner Program,TPS has demonstrated expertise with its solutions developed over Microsoft Platforms and Technologies. TPS has also proven its ability to meet customer needs and provide support to its wide customer base across the globe.

With greater access to Microsoft-based technologies, training and their partner network, TPS has stronger resources to deliver customer-driven e-Banking and e-Payments solutions. The extension of valuable resources and early access to Microsoft-based technologies will give TPS a further edge to renown as leaders in the industry.

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TPS reviews the past year and plans the year ahead at its Annual General Body Meeting
TPS held its Annual General Body Meeting for the year 2006 on August 12, 2006 at Avari Towers, Karachi. Each year TPS holds a General Body Meeting to review the milestones achieved in the previous year, and shares initiatives and strategies of the company with its employees. It features all the team leads in an informal, moderated discussion of what the company has done, is doing, and what it plans to do for the whole year ahead. The main focus of GBM is to present a cohesive corporate picture that presents the depth and breadth of TPS.

Opening speech and presentation delivered by Ovais Habib Khan, Group Head – Technology, first discussed the company’s pivotal role in the e-banking and e-payments industries of the nation and then illustrated the company’s objectives in terms of the new product and solution offerings. The presentation gave a well rounded review of past achieved initiatives, accomplishments while linking the future initiatives to pave the company’s roadmap ahead. Following individual department presentations and rounds of applause for the star achievers, the GBM came to a well rounded and encouraging closing note by Mohammad Sohail, CEO. The closing speech enlightened the TPS family with the company’s corporate vision and mission that states the clear direction in which the company is headed. The speech was then followed by a round of question and answer session, constructive suggestions, and valuable input from the TPS family members that all adds on to the company culture.

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DIB Pakistan goes international with the launch of its new VISA Debit Card
Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan,continues to combine the best of Islamic Banking values with technology and innovation to characterize the best of modern Islamic Banking.Keeping up with its commitment to exude higher levels of services for its customers, DIB Pakistan has recently launched VISA Debit Card with TPS solutions. This launch makes DIB one of the first few banks in Pakistan to issue VISA branded debit cards.

Available to all DIB card holders, this new DIB VISA debit card allows DIB customers to use their cards to purchase at point-of-sales and withdraw cash at more than 850,000 ATMs in 150 countries. The new VISA Card offers 24/7 access to funds for customers to enjoy wherever they are across the globe.

DIB always aims to be at the forefront of product innovation within the Islamic banking market and with this launch DIB has moved a step ahead towards its e-business and self-service banking initiatives.

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Atlas Bank opts for IRIS, the Next Generation Transaction Switch and Integrated Delivery Channel Manager from TPS
Atlas Bank and TPS have entered into an agreement through which TPS will provide Atlas Bank with its next generation middleware technology, IRIS. The business-savvy management of Atlas Bank has aggressive plans for using technology to create a differentiation through a range of e-Banking services focused on consumer service and convenience. TPS IRIS will provide Atlas Bank a comprehensive and integrated e-Banking services platform to drive not only the self service and complete card program but will also provide customer contact management CRM, dispute resolution services and business intelligence tools.
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TPS Certifies UBL for EMV with NAPS in Qatar
TPS is proud to announce that amongst the TPS Phoenix customers, UBL Qatar is the third bank in Qatar, and the first Pakistani Bank abroad, that has successfully gone live with EMV Acquiring. With this launch, TPS becomes the first e-Banking and e-Payments solution provider in Pakistan to offer EMV compliant solutions. This indeed is a quantum leap for TPS products and solutions in the modern era of e-Banking and e-Payments. TPS takes great pride in announcing that financial transactions using smart cards is now a reality as EMV migration is set in motion by TPS technologies.

The adaptation of EMV acquiring has enabled UBL Qatar to achieve benefits such as improved risk and fraud management, enhanced cardholder verification, reduced online authorization costs, cardholder acquisition and retention programs, increased volume of transactions and etc. At the same time, Phoenix EMV has set a foundation for an end-to-end EMV issuing, acquiring, and personalizing, transaction infrastructure that will lead to generating new ways of product differentiation and revenues.

Sentinel is a turnkey solution for EMV personalization. It adheres to stringent EMV standards ensuring fraud prevention and provides a payback to bank’s investment. It’s a simple and an easy to manage solution that provides a framework for the issuance of EMV compliant chip cards. Sentinel is capable of handling multiple card schemes and applications and therefore can also be used to provide bureau services. It provides complete card life cycle management from the import of the customer, card and other application related details, management of cryptographic data, data preparation to personalization and reporting.

TPS products and solutions are ready as the market approaches towards EMV migration. Our solutions provide easy to implement EMV that can enable banks to issue smart cards with minimum impact on their existing systems.

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TPS picks up first prize at P@SHA ICT Awards 2006 for Phoenix – Transaction Switching Middleware and Integrated Delivery Channel Manager
TPS flagship product “Phoenix” won the prestigious P@SHA ICT award 2006 in the category of “The Best Financial Applications”.

Each year P@SHA ICT awards recognize the top achievers in the industry and provide an opportunity and an ideal environment for companies to gain local, regional and international exposure. Its main objective is to promote and develop the software and services industry in Pakistan.

The primary criteria for judging a meritorious financial application was how well it addressed a real market need, its reliability and the visible effects it had on the industry at which it was targeted. “Phoenix” was judged the best financial application as it provided the basic infrastructure on which th e-Banking services grew within Pakistan on a national basis. Being a transaction processing and switching middleware, Phoenix is used by 24 leading banks of Pakistan for their electronic banking and alternate distribution program. Beyond empowering individual financial institutions of Pakistan, Phoenix also created the required infrastructure for inter-bank ATM sharing services in the shape of Pakistan’s largest online shared financial services network called 1LINK.On the reliability side, Phoenix ranked very high as it is processing millions of transactions per month and servicing ATM requests originating at 78% of the banks in Pakistan including 1LINK.

On receiving the award at the award ceremony, Mr. Mohammad Sohail, CEO, TPS said that “TPS has completed 10 years of operations in the field of e-Banking and is proud to have created a history for itself in the corridors of Pakisan e-Banking history. Receiving P@SHA ICT award for Phoenix is an honor and a testament to the role that Phoenix and TPS played in setting the foundation of e-Banking within Pakistan”.

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1LINK IBFT - A milestone in the history of e-Banking and e-Payments in Pakistan
April 01, 2006: Karachi, Pakistan. TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. today take pride in announcing that 1LINK, the largest shared switch of Pakistan, having 1000+ ATMs in 70+ cities across Pakistan, successfully launched the Inter-Bank Funds Transfer using TPS technologies. There are eight of the 1LINK member banks in the first phase, with more to come in the later phases as more banks gear up to avail this service. TPS has taken 1LINK to new heights towards modernizing the e-Payment systems and e-Commerce objectives of the e-Banking marketplace. 1LINK IBFT is a live testament to our commitment of providing innovative products to our customers.

Inter Bank Funds Transfer, known as IBFT is an extension to Phoenix Third Party Funds Transfer (3PFT). IBFT allows customers of participating 1LINK member banks to transfer funds from any of their banking account to other over the 1LINK ATM network. IBFT facility is the latest innovation conceived and delivered by TPS to take e-Banking services within Pakistan a level ahead. IBFT is amongst the initiatives from TPS on the 1LINK platform after the successful launch of 1LINK VISA Debit and acceptance of 1LINK member bank credit cards on the 1LINK switch.

With 1LINK IBFT, the e-Payment industry is now open to various possibilities. IBFT offers self-service banking customers to make payments round-the-clock, without the need to raise physical supporting vouchers or documents such as cheques, bank drafts, etc. Thus IBFT significantly reduces the dependency on paper-based transactions. IBFT is also ideal for cross city inter-bank payments as it allows funds transfer in a real-time, more fast, secure and cost efficient manner.

The IBFT launch also opens up possibilities of new and exciting product designs over this basic domain infrastructure in the areas of customer to customer (C2C), business to business (B2B) and customer to business (C2B) transactions.

IBFT is indeed a historical milestone, as the implementation of IBFT propels the banking industry closer to revolutionizing banking goals throughout Pakistan.

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TPS’ EYE solution, now in Saudi-Arabia
Al Bilad Bank, one of the largest national banks of Saudi Arabia has successfully implemented TPS’ EYE - ATM transaction camera, and EJ – electronic journaling, solutions. Encapsulating the power and unique features of CERT technology in EYE, Al Bilad will eventually keep an EYE on its 1000 Wincor ATM’s network. This indeed is a great achievement for TPS as it gives an opportunity to successfully penetrate into Saudi Arabian market and implement TPS EYE & EJ for one of the largest ATM network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Bank Al Bilad has outsourced ABANA Enterprises Group Co., the strategic partner of Wincor Nixdorf in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for the complete range of services related to ATM network monitoring and management. ABANA further chose TPS amongst all the other vendors to meet the requirements of the bank for a comprehensive transaction camera and electronic journaling solution for its ATMs. EYE and EJ have been extensively designed to fulfill the intense and critical requirements of SAMA (Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency). Together with rich functionality and value-added services, EYE & EJ are implemented over a secure FTP protocol to comply with the banks audit, with one of the most advanced technologies that has been introduced by TPS in EYE – CERT – for intelligent handling of camera hardware and transaction pictures.

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Case Study: "Deposit to Debit"
The Customer

MTC-Vodafone, with one million prepaid customers in Kuwait, confirms its position as the leading mobile telecommunications operator in the country. MnTC-Vodafone retains its market position by continuously introducing exciting promotions and innovative new services.

To offer its customers the convenience of 24/7 bill payments, MTC has recently launched a network of about 30 automated machines accepting cash payments using SMARTdeposit from TPS. MTC has termed this service as MobiQuick. It allows MTC to offer a variety of services in addition to cash deposit such as automatic recharge of prepaid connections and prepaid vouchers using recharge code. Within a few weeks after going live, MobiQuick gained the attention of MTC customers.

The Need

With growing market share and customer base, changing IT trends, and to further enrich the customer services portfolio, MTC decided to accept direct payments from customers that are using debit cards.

The Challenge

In the required solution MTC wanted to achieve maximum utilization of existing setup while deploying a cost effective solution for the new requirement. Another complex part was connectivity between MTC and KNET – The shared electronic banking switch in Kuwait, for authorization of debit card payments.

TPS with extensive experience in the e-Payments domain offered to provide a complete solution including debit card acquiring and connectivity with KNET as an extension of the existing MobiQuick setup.

The Solution

The SMART solution eliminated the need for a Financial Host by deploying a financial transaction processing middleware application. MobiQuick is now acquiring debit cards at the MTC terminals, directly routing the transactions to KNET, and then updating the transaction information at the MTC billing host. MobiQuick also complies with the quality and security standards of KNET by deploying added software and hardware security mechanisms.

MTC is also using InSight, for end-to-end network monitoring and management of their SST network.

The Success

MTC is the first non-banking institution in Kuwait that is certified with KNET. Many banks have expressed great interest in this new self-service initiative of MTC and are also in the process of joining hands with MTC to offer their debit card holders the facility of bill payments.

The Future

The successful deployment of this project has led MTC to think of offering newer services. A future prospect of MTC is to offer payments through Credit Cards on MobiQuick - yet another value added service for their customers.

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TPS participates in P@SHA Job Fair 2006 – Karachi - to continue with its aggressive expansion plans
April 2006: TPS participated in P@SHA Job Fair that took place in Karachi on April 29th at the Marriot Hotel. The fair was honored by human resource and recruiting heads of leading IT companies of Pakistan and abroad and it was a great opportunity for TPS to participate in the fair. It was a single day event that provided good platform to all the IT companies to showcase their vacancies and meet the potential talented candidates by taking their first brief interview as a part of initial screening.

This was a successful human resource affair that was totally interactive and provided an environment of healthy exchange of ideas. Leading IT companies held workshops and counseling sessions at the fair. Several hundred resumes were posted and filled at the event. Since TPS is aggressively expanding its employee base, with an increase by 66% in the past year, participating in the P@SHA Job Fair gave TPS further opportunity to meet and interview - at one time and in one convenient location – a diverse group of second and third year students and 2006 graduates.

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TPS technologies in sync with the State Bank Mandate - TPS Eye and EJ opted by more than 7 banks for dispute resolution

TPS’ transaction camera solution, EYE is a state-of-the-art, a true multi-vendor ATM, transaction based camera solution that allows snaps shots to be taken at different points during the transaction life cycle. TPS is assisting many banks in meeting the State Bank’s mandate of having a 24/7 central transaction camera and electronic journaling solution for managed, online dispute resolution and efficient customer services.

EYE supports multiple cameras and multiple picture points with high resolution image quality. Sophisticated compression algorithms used in EYE allow images to be twenty times smaller with no visible loss of quality.

Together with efficient compression algorithm, EYE offers built-in scheduling algorithms and multiple picture transport functions to further minimize bandwidth load for secure picture transfers. Plugged with complimenting TPS’ electronic journaling solution, EJ, the pictures captured by EYE can be tagged with ATM journal entries to further facilitate the bank in investigating transactional dispute cases.

TPS introduces EYE with CERT technology - An innovative camera solution with intelligent algorithms to enhance EYE reliability

To increase the reliability of images captured by EYE, TPS has introduced its latest researched technique called CERT (Chromatic Element Recognition Technique). CERT mechanism enhances the reliability of pictures captured by dynamically sensing of chromatic element to guard against:

  • CCD camera sensor failure
    (for more info on CCD cameras visit
  • Out of focus images
  • Covered or obstructed camera lens
  • Dislodged or displaced camera in ATM fascia
  • Over bright or dark conditions beyond acceptable light conditions

The best part of CERT design is that CERT enabled terminals report their imaging characteristics without even transferring the pictures. This results in proactive quality management. With introduction of CERT, EYE solution has taken a further quantum leap in terms of any competitive offerings available in market.

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UBL goes international with the launch of the new UBL Wallet VISA Card
UBL Wallet, now with the power and international acceptance of VISA! UBL has launched its Wallet VISA ATM & Debit Card with TPS technologies using 1LINK VISA connectivity.

With their quest for providing convenient and cutting edge solutions and services, TPS and UBL make yet another invaluable addition to UBL’s e-Banking services portfolio enabling the launch of UBL VISA cards issuing and acquiring.

UBL Wallet VISA is the ATM & Debit Card offered from the bank’s wide array of retail products. Available to all bank account holders, the card enables the customer to use the UBL Wallet VISA at more than 900,000 ATMs in 150 countries displaying the PLUS network sign. The Wallet VISA card is also acceptable at more than 22 million local and international VISA merchant locations displaying the VISA sign. In addition, over a billion VISA cards can now conduct transactions on all UBL ATMs and funds can also be conveniently transferred between participating 1 LINK banks through the UBL Wallet card. With this, UBL has become the first bank on 1LINK to acquire all VISA branded cards on its network of 214 ATMs, in 60 cities across Pakistan.

In celebration of the VISA launch, UBL offers a reward scheme using TPS technologies. Using Phoenix Reward UBL has given a chance to UBL Wallet customers to win cash prizes and mobile phones daily. When lucky UBL Wallet customer performs a transaction on any UBL ATM, the ATM screen displays a cash or mobile phone reward message and produces a reward receipt. The cash is disbursed instantly, whereas the phone set is delivered to the customer. The UBL Rewards program has created a sensational effect amongst the UBL customers and has opened a new era for e-marketing and e-promotion for banking products and services.

TPS has taken UBL’s services to new heights enabling UBL to achieve excellence and distinction in its services in a rapidly consolidating, competitive and demanding e-Banking market place. UBL has not only benefited from increased product offerings, leading to enhanced customer convenience through global acceptance of VISA labeled cards, but also with its drive of retaining and attracting new customer account openings and reduction of branch operational costs through plastic mobilization.

“TPS technologies offer innovative e-Banking and e-Payment solutions and UBL believes in TPS as a strategic partner to help it maintain its leadership position. The successful launch of the UBL Wallet VISA Card and the innovative ATM Reward Program is a testimony to the strong synergy between UBL and TPS. We look forward to a lasting relationship with TPS”

Mr. Najeeb Agrawalla
Business Head Commercial Bank
United Bank Limited

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Tameer Micro Finance Bank launches fingerprint identifying ATMs in Pakistan
TPS, one of the leading global providers of customised software solutions for the banking and financial services industry, has now added biometric support in its Phoenix switch. Using this technology on locally manufactured ATMs, Tameer Micro Finance Bank (TMFB) has recently launched Biometric ATMs. The technology allows bank cardholders to identify themselves at ATMs with their fingerprints. With the launch, Tameer Bank has become the first bank in Pakistan to have biometric ATMs and the service is instantly getting popularity for its simplicity and convenience.

This launch will enable Tameer Bank’s clients to avail the facility of biometric ATM’s, with higher security as compared to the PIN identification, due to the facts that passwords and PINS can easily be compromised, and is hassle free.

It is noteworthy that TMFB has launched its first biometric-enabled ATM’s in unbanked areas to cater to the untouched customer base of small shopkeepers, cottage industries and small entrepreneurs, especially women. With this launch TMFB has achieved a milestone in the introduction of literacy and awareness of financial services in the unbanked areas that adds potential customers into the mainstream financial world.

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TPS’ Electronic Journaling Solution (EJ) goes LIVE!!! at Allied Bank Limited
As the use of ATMs in traditional, non-traditional, and remote locations increases, the cost of sending service personnel to replenish and retrieve ATM paper journal rolls continues to escalate. It is less expensive to maintain ATMs with electronic journal (EJ) data than having to manage ATMs with traditional (paper) journal printers.

EJ is a stand-alone application that retrieves and processes electronic journal data recorded in the ATM's EJ file. EJ offers the following features:

  • EJ automatically and on-demand downloads, processes and archives ATM journal at user-defined download schedule
  • EJ does not only parse data machine readable journal data, but also makes it easier for the customer service representatives to read
  • § Quickly resolves customer queries regarding specific ATM transactions

    § Obtains EJ data without manual intervention

    § Provides ATM data in machine-readable form for input into management reports

    § Archives EJ data for later review

    § Can be configured to interact with your existing applications

    § EJ works independently of your existing ATM-driving application, so financial transaction processing is unaffected.

EJ is greatly praised for its benefits and features in the International Market, now for the first time the Local market is reaping benefits off this solution.

The successful deployment and use of the EJ solution at Allied Bank Limited has benefited the bank with the following.

Measuring the convenience and cost-saving that EJ offers, it is an extremely feasible and useful solution for remotely managing a large ATM network as ABL’s which is now reaching about 125 ATMs. Allied Bank Limited has always been at the forefront of having innovative solutions and is the first amongst TPS customers in Pakistan to deploy EJ. EJ has benefited ABL in the following ways:

  • Increased ATM uptime
    EJ uploads electronic journal data to our central system anytime we like, without any interruption in service to our ATM customers.
  • Enhanced customer service
    If we need to answer a customer inquiry immediately, we can get the data and view it-immediately!
  • Reduced fraud
    EJ makes monitoring journals online easy, shutting the door on potential fraud.
  • Reduced cost
    EJ, eliminates the need to frequently visit to fetch to replenish ATM journal supplies, reduce service calls, and eliminates visits to our ATMs to retrieve journal information.
  • Low risk with a proven solution
    EJ is a true multi-vendor and the proven solution supports Diebold and NCR ATMs, and offers a "standard" EJ upload specification for other programmable ATMs.

ABL’s migration to EJ is an evident process improvement. ABL now requires only half the time as compared to before in retrieving the relevant data from ATMs to assist in customer queries on various transactions. The electronic journal rolls also reduced ABL’s reliance on paper journals and virtually eliminated the need for warehouse storage space.

EJ is saving Allied Bank’s ATM Operations personnel precious time, resources, and money, with providing better customer service at lower costs-while reducing ATM fraud!”

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TPS @ MEFTEC 2006 at Bahrain
February 13th - February 15th 2006, Bahrain International Exhibition Center, Hall 2 - Block E-03, Pakistan Pavilion.
13 February 2006: MEFTEC is the Middle East's premier banking and financial technology event which is a dedicated financial services technology marketplace. Staged in the heart of the region's financial capital - Bahrain - MEFTEC is the only pan-Middle East international forum where financial services and technology leaders meet to learn, network and do business.

TPS Associates will be exhibiting its complete range of self-service and retail banking products and solutions for meeting various e-banking and e-payments initiatives of banks, financial institutions, mobile telecom companies and third-party processors.

TPS is a software, systems, and consulting firm specializing in e-banking and e-payment products, solutions, and services. Our solutions offer true cost advantages and scalable functionality to deliver a competitive edge for our customers.

We deliver the following powerful and innovative e-banking and e-payment management products and solutions that meet the ever-increasing demands of the banking, financial services, retail banking, and mobile telecommunications industries.

  • EFT Switch & Middleware Based Payment Processing
  • ATM & POS Driving
  • Banking Channel Integration
  • Self Service Terminals (ATM) Network Monitoring and Management
  • Deposit Automation and Currency Exchange
  • Debit/Credit Card Processing & Personalization
  • Internet Banking Technologies
  • Utility Bill Presentment & Payment
  • EMV Migration & Planning
  • Customized Software Development
  • Project Management & Business Consultancy Services
  • Training Services
  • Customer Support Services

Additionally our professional consultants can assists you with:

  • ATM center operations planning
  • Settlement & reconciliation processes including terminal cash handling processes
  • Terminal and systems migration planning
  • Security and key management processes
  • Card data center management and operations planning
  • Selection of right delivery channels with right financial product fit

During the exhibition, TPS will be represented by its Regional Manager Business Development, Shahzad Shahid and Product Consultant, Imran Saeed.

Visit us at the exhibition for the latest products and solutions in retail and self-service banking industries.

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PRISM – Internet Banking GOES LIVE!!! at Allied Bank Limited
January 19, 2006: Karachi, Pakistan – TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. today announced that its PRISM, TPS’ Internet Banking Solution implementation went live at Allied Bank Limited (ABL) on January 19, 2006.

TPS has a long-term working relationship with ABL as the bank’s technology partner for meeting the bank’s self-service and retail banking initiatives. TPS delivered the solution to ABL and soft-launched the ABL Direct website ( in December that went live within a month.

Prism, the Internet Banking product from TPS, is designed for institutions that wish to rapidly deploy Internet Banking services. Prism is a complete solution that provides all essential online banking services. With Prism, banks’ customers can conveniently and securely transact with the bank staying within the comfort of their homes or office. Prism is designed for 24x7 services offering with speed and reliability. With virtual e-banking accessible through net, banks can concentrate more on cross selling and other revenue generating activities in the traditional branch.

Azfar Azhar Karimuddin, Regional Manager Business Development of TPS, commented on the event. “I believe with ABL continuing and ongoing support we have always delivered solution meeting international standards, flexible, scalable to meet the banking customer demands. The launch of ABL Direct is an important milestone for us in a relationship with one of our most valued customers. ABL has always been on the forefront of technology and has always initiated with innovation products and solutions.”

Established in Lahore in 1942 before independence, Allied Bank Limited is one of the largest banks in Pakistan with more than 700 Branches connected to an online network. In August 2004 the Bank was restructured and the ownership was transferred to Ibrahim Group.

TPS is a software, systems, and consulting firm specializing in e-banking and e-payment products, solutions, and services. Our solutions offer true cost advantages and scalable functionality to deliver a competitive edge for our customers.

We deliver powerful and innovative e-banking and e-payment management products and solutions that meet the ever-increasing demands of the banking, financial services, retail banking, and mobile telecommunications industries.

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TPS connects 1LINK to VISA International
December 20, 2005: Karachi, Pakistan. TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. today take pride in announcing that it has successfully connected the Largest Shared Switch of Pakistan, 1LINK with VISA International

Since inception of 1-Link, TPS has been continuously contributing to the services of the Largest Shared Switch of Pakistan. TPS Technology at the heart of 1-Link has let the Switch to, form a network 15 banks, process millions of transactions over a network of more than 800 ATMs, and to power more than 2000 online bank branches. And now TPS has taken 1-Link to the next step, connected 1-Link to VISA International, for debit card transactions. With this attractive offer to provide Global acceptability of debit card transactions on any VISA ATM, TPS has just board Habib Bank Limited on to the 1-Link VISA bandwagon. Being one of the largest banks in Pakistan, Habib Bank is now successfully offering debit cards services to its customers on an International level. The recently launched Habib Bank VISA Debit Card is just the beginning of TPS enabling Pakistani banks to offer services at an International level. With the financial sector of Pakistan continuously realizing the importance of offering consumer services, we see that the launch of the Habib Bank VISA is actually a two-fold success for Pakistan. With Habib Bank launching VISA, the 1-LINK Switch comprising of 15 local banks and the largest shared ATM network in Pakistan, has successfully completed its first implementation of VISA. As TPS strives to offer value added services to 1-Link, at a Shared Switch level rather than an individual Banks level, we see the ease and benefits of a centralized settlement and reconciliation process which will ease the implementation now for ALL 1-Link Member Banks that opt to offer VISA Debit Services for their customers. VISA gives your debit card global interoperability, gives your customer the freedom to move around the world without having to worry about carrying cash, and gives your bank VISA connectivity with minimal operational and setup cost. TPS Technology has allowed 1-Link to give local connectivity with VISA. A member bank can then be both, issuer and acquirer, of VISA debit transactions, all in a ready to market and easy to deploy package. Going forward, as TPS further strengthens 1-Link’s service offerings, we will hopefully see more value added services being offered to local customers on International Networks.

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TPS picks up first prize at P@SHA ICT Awards 2005 for InSight – Web-based SST Network Monitoring and Management Solution
December 6, 2005: Karachi, Pakistan. TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. today takes pride in announcing that it has won the best general application award today at the PASHA ICT Awards 2005 (

Judged by an independent panel of technology and business professionals…

  1. Mr. Iqbal Salim, Executive Director, Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates
  2. Mr. Vaqar Khamisani, ISV Manager & Evangelist, Microsoft Pakistan
  3. Mr. Zia Ullah Begg, Atlas Group
  4. Mr. Humayun Qureshi, Consultant & Professor
  5. Mr. Naseem Z Siddiqui, Director IT, AKU
  6. Mr. Adnan Masood, Head of IT, United Bank Limited
  7. Mr. Saquib Ahmed, IT Head, Emirates Islamic Bank

The top winners of the P@SHA ICT Awards are being nominated for representation at the annual Asia Pacific Awards ( in Chiang Mai, Thailand in mid February, 2006.

P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) was formed with a mind to promote and develop the fast growing software and services industry in Pakistan, and to provide them with national and international exposure, and recognition.

The objective of the P@SHA ICT Awards is to provide recognition to software and service applications that have been developed in Pakistan. It is meant to acknowledge creativity, innovation and excellence in the Pakistan Information and Communication Technologies sector.

This annual Awards program also provided an opportunity and an ideal environment for companies to gain local, regional and international exposure through on-going promotional activities, and through participation at the international Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA).

InSight is a web based ATM network Monitoring and Management solution which provides complete monitoring of ATMs, banks hosts and network links for all transaction acquiring channels.

Azfar Azhar Karimuddin, Regional Manager Business Development at TPS, on the receiving the award on the occasion said, "That it was honour to be nominated for the awards and pleasure receiving it. Rightful thanks go out to our InSight product team members and customers, who have all played a key role in helping us get where we are today. The P@SHA ICT Award is a testament to the hard work that has been put into this product over the last eight years by all of us."

TPS is software, systems and consultancy firm specializing in transaction based applications to the financial industry. TPS is leading technology provider in Pakistan to the banking industry with nearly all the products from TPS form the heart of retail infrastructure of Pakistan.

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PSEB selects TPS for MEFTEC 2006 at Bahrain
November 25, 2005: Karachi, Pakistan – TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. today announced that it has been chosen by PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board –, along side 6 other companies, to demonstrate the latest products and solutions for e-banking, e-payments, and retail banking industry, at MIDDLE EAST FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE (MEFTEC) 2006, Bahrain, from February 13-15 2006.

TPS is a software, systems, and consulting firm specializing in e-banking and e-payment products, solutions, and services. Our solutions offer true cost advantages and scalable functionality to deliver a competitive edge for our customers.

We deliver powerful and innovative e-banking and e-payment management products and solutions that meet the ever-increasing demands of the banking, financial services, retail banking, and mobile telecommunications industries.

MEFTEC is the Middle East's premier banking and financial technology event which is a dedicated financial services technology marketplace. Staged in the heart of the region's financial capital - Bahrain - MEFTEC is the only pan-Middle East international forum where financial services and technology leaders meet to learn, network and do business.

Please do visit us at the exhibition for the latest products and solutions in retail and self-service banking industries.

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PSEB selects TPS for GITEX 2005 at Dubai and Pakistan Single Country Exhibition at Malaysia
August 15, 2005: Karachi, Pakistan – TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. today announced that it has been chosen by PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board –, along side 12 other companies, to demonstrate the latest products and solutions for e-banking, e-payments, and retail banking industry, at GITEX 2005, Dubai.

TPS is a software, systems, and consulting firm specializing in e-banking and e-payment products, solutions, and services. Our solutions offer true cost advantages and scalable functionality to deliver a competitive edge for our customers.

We deliver powerful and innovative e-banking and e-payment management products and solutions that meet the ever-increasing demands of the banking, financial services, retail banking, and mobile telecommunications industries.

GITEX is the largest international IT exhibition held annually at the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, UAE. This year the event will be held from September 25th to September 29th, at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

After a dry spell of eight years, PSEB again started the Single Country Exhibition regime. TPS amongst other several companies in various categories has been selected to bring the Pakistani IT Products and Solutions at the forefront of this International Event being held at the grand Kuala Lumpur Convention Center from 1st -3rd October, 2005.

Please do visit us at the exhibition for the latest products and solutions in retail and self-service banking industries.

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MEFTEC 2004 - TPS Participates in the 1st MEFTEC
MEFTEC is the Middle East's premier banking and financial technology event which is a dedicated financial services technology marketplace. Staged in the heart of the region's financial capital - Bahrain - MEFTEC is the only pan-Middle East international forum where financial services and technology leaders meet to learn, network and do business.

Held under the auspices of the Bahrain Monetary Agency, the region’s top financial sector regulator, MEFTEC is designed to match leading-edge IT solution providers with senior IT buyers from the region’s financial services industry. The event is vertically focused on the financial services IT sector, and targets specialist financial services IT providers and top industry buyers, who are primed to purchase at the highest level.

It was a moment of great pride for TPS to participate in this event with a very international audience from about 40 countries from around the globe with an especially strong showing by banks and financial institutions from the GCC countries and the Middle East.

TPS was amongst nearly 1,500 participants from all segments of the financial sector including Central Banks, Stock Exchanges and insurance companies during the 3-day exhibition and conference, which sets a new record for Bahrain's convention and meeting industry.

It was a very valuable experience for TPS to be present at MEFTEC 2004 and we look forward to the 2nd MIDDLE EAST FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE for the same.

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TPS appoints International Acumen Ltd., as a Reseller in Bangladesh
In order to promote the culture of utilizing existing resources, TPS has encouraged industry wide alliances to provide customers with complete tailored solutions. Partnerships help us understand our customers' business issues and deliver innovative solutions. To deliver solutions that are on-target, TPS works closely with organizations to identify the top business issues they face.

TPS partners with organizations that can quickly add to our solutions set. By building and supporting our relationships with companies, we can provide innovative, customized solutions that address our customers' rapidly changing needs.

International Acumen Ltd., a complete online banking solution provider has been appointed as our Reseller in Bangladesh. International Acumen Ltd. (IA) was founded in 1996. In the year of 2003 the company registered as Private Limited Company incorporated in Bangladesh. The nature of business includes:

  • Switching Solution for Banking Industry
  • ATM & related infrastructure development
  • ATM maintenance & System Support
  • Card & PIN Management System Solution
  • Hardware Security Module
  • Printing & Designing Solution
  • Avionics & Electronic Support

The department of IT in IA was formed in 2003 with a vision to provide solution for truly Online Banking Solution which includes online integrated Banking Software having interface with all modern delivery channels like ATM, POS, internet banking etc. via a robust middleware software/switch.

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TPS breaks through in Yemen, Watani Bank opts for TPS products and solutions
E-banking and e-commerce are spreading widely in form of a complex network of commercial and banking businesses globally recognized by participants, individuals and corporations on worldwide opened networks like the Internet. The payment systems in most developed countries include a variety of payment mechanisms to satisfy the unique needs for executing payments transactions.

In Yemen, e-banking is a recent concept, but flying very quickly. Banks are learning about cost savings and quality service that comes with e-banking. Competition is expected to get fierce amongst banks as e-banking matures in the Yemen market.

The recent past, for most of the banks in the Yemen market, was just teller banking with no other delivery channels such as ATMs, POS, and Internet Banking etc. to be offered. However there were a few banks that were offering e-banking services. The awareness level of consumers for e-banking and e-payment services is increasing.

Watani Bank, for Trade and Investment, initiated to stand out from the crowd and offer state of the art e-banking and e-payment services. Amongst several competitor products and solutions, Watani Bank decided on TPS as the solution provider to meet their e-banking and e-payment requirements. Phoenix, our Middleware Switch, connects all the distributed hosts as an integral part of the e-banking and e-payment services infrastructure at Watani Bank, providing 24x7 services to the consumers.

Watani Bank’s number of ATM card holders has increased phenomenally in just a few months. The ATM network is now exposed to ATMs three times the former strength. The Bank is expanding and making great progress in the field of self-service banking. Watani Bank’s trust has developed for TPS and for the products and solutions that we have offered. This trust has given a firm a base to our professional working relationship with Watani Bank. We look forward to extend our services to the banking sector in Yemen for the industry to excel and compete with world class standards in terms of quality e-banking and e-payments offerings and services.

The current scenario of e-banking and e-payment services industry in Yemen, show signs of a promising future with immense growth potential. It is certain that with the right investment and strategies the market can be explored and be brought to amongst the leading e-banking industries in the world. The need is for the banking institutions to participate proactively for the upcoming times that demand technology and innovation.

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TPS enters Bangladesh, BRAC Bank being the first
We at TPS believe in exploring new markets and offering tailored solutions to meet the requirement of the market segment.

BRAC BANK Limited, one of the latest generation of commercial banks started its journey on July 04, 2001. BRAC Bank’s vision is to be the absolute market leader through providing an entire range of banking services suitable to the needs of modern and dynamic banking business. And also to promote broad based participation in the Bangladesh economy through the provision of high quality banking services.

BRAC Bank is a commercial scheduled bank extending full range of banking facilities. It intends to set standards as the absolute market leader in Bangladesh by providing efficient, modern and fully automated on-line service on a profitable basis.

BRAC Bank is focused to introduce fully integrated online banking service to provide all kinds of banking facilities from any of its conveniently located branches. BRAC Bank understands that e-banking and e-payments solutions can fulfill the bank’s purpose in achieving its self-service banking goals. Analyzing different software companies in this field, BRAC Bank opted for TPS to provide them with solutions to kick off their e-banking initiative. With International Acumen Ltd. as our Strategic Partner and Reseller in Bangladesh and providing 24x7 support for our solutions, BRAC Bank is our first client in Bangladesh.

BRAC Bank is gradually growing up to establish itself in the Banking arena of Bangladesh to be the market leader in terms of quality service. BRAC Bank now offers various e-banking, e-payment and value added services to its customers through SSTs.

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SMARTsuite, catering to thirty organizations across the globe
Since its release in August 2001, SMARTsuite has been making landmarks in the Middle East, Africa and Asia markets for a long time now. Due to its versatile and modern features, SMARTsuite line of products has been widely accepted in the e-banking and utility company industries across the globe. Within four years, the SMARTsuite client list has reached the mark of thirty organizations across the globe which is an increase of twenty seven percent from last year.

SMARTsuite line of products is a direct payment acceptance solution from TPS. SMARTdeposit fulfils the requirement of those financial and utility institutions that have a need to accept direct payments from their customers. Through cash/cheque deposited in self-service terminals, SMARTdeposit immediately effects online credit to accounts with deposited amounts. SMARTexchange offers to add currency exchange transaction to a self service channel. Using SMARTexchange, customers can deposit multiple currencies and collect the equivalent amount in the local currency with a receipt showing complete transaction details.

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TPS’ family grows by twenty percent
Welcoming new family members under the TPS’ umbrella, we feel proud to announce that TPS current employee strength has grown by twenty percent since the last year.

The employees at TPS are at the heart of its culture. Clear on its Vision and Mission the employees are committed whole-heartedly to be customer-focused. Integrity and strong trust relationships form the foundation of the culture. These are supplemented by effective systems and processes which are continuously being innovated.
The management at TPS is committed to providing employees with an environment which provides a high degree of adaptability, complete empowerment and 360-degree communication with emphasis on learning and skill development. The management strives to recruit and retain outstanding employees through performance based compensation and rewards program.

All in all, TPS is like a family where everyone pitches in to deliver the best.

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TPS launched its new corporate logo and branding campaign
TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, a leading software house specializing in payment and transaction processing solution, launched its new corporate logo and branding campaign. The new image reflects TPS growth and increase recognition and acceptance of “TPS” as a quality brand name within the financial sector of Pakistan and other markets that TPS is active in. In a short span of eight (8) years, the company has contributed phenomenally to the growth of self service banking within Pakistan.

The company switching solution has been deployed by twenty (20) of the leading banks within Pakistan to drive their electronic and self service banking initiative. The company is also the solution provider for the largest online inter-bank shared debit network of Pakistan called 1-LINK. As the company moves towards further enriching its solution portfolio in Pakistan and expanding into South Asian and Gulf markets, the new image is aimed to appeal to a broader customer and market base.

"We're proud of our history but our growth, market recognition and future plans necessitated that our branding becomes recognizable and symbolizes our corporate aspirations and philosophies,” said Azfar Karimuddin, marketing and media manager, TPS Pakistan. “Taking our business to the next level and offering a broader spectrum of payment processing systems and solution meant taking a look in the mirror and aligning our image with our goal of meeting the payment and transaction processing needs of a larger market and end-user base.”

The new TPS logo includes a new color scheme and encompasses a spatial spherical element reflecting the virtual world of electronic transaction and payment processing that TPS has successfully been serving since its inception through its solution and product portfolio. The shadow of the spatial e-sphere creates a link between its virtual existence to matter space of the physical world and symbolizes the impact and footprint of TPS solution and services on real world. The direction, shape and color of the arrows within the spherical element have been selected to represent the company’s aspirations and philosophies. The diagonally aligned dual flowing nature of arrows have been selected to represent coordination, harmony, partnership and business alignment that TPS values and strives to achieve in all customer relations to meet and exceed their expectations. The encompassing nature of the two arrows signifies the company’s commitment to broaden its solution, service and product portfolios to address a wider range of electronic transaction processing solution and services. The logo is accompanied by easily recognizable and readable brand name of the company, "TPS."

The new logo and branding idea was developed by “The Design Firm”, which was selected amongst various ideas presented by different marketing agencies.

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TPS Registered as ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company
The ISO 9001:2000 Standard is an internationally recognized quality management system standard developed by the International Organization of Standardization. The ISO process emphasizes on the incorporation of quality standards in systems, procedures, documentation, and total employee involvement. To be certified to this standard, TPS acquired the services of Pakistan Institute of Quality Control (PIQC) as consultants who trained the relevant staff to improve themselves to meet and exceed quality standards. Headed by Nadia Mustafa, Corporate Services & Quality Manager, TPS implemented a quality management system covering the design, development, testing, and release procedures of our software products. Det Norske Veritas, known for its high standards, conducted the certification audit, which was held in late September and TPS became an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization in November.

The Quality Management System (QMS) is a comprehensive set of policies, processes, and procedures that show our commitment to the highest level of quality possible in all products and services. It enables us to "build quality into" the products, rather than merely "inspect for quality" after the products are developed. It enables us to manage and control all activities associated with product quality.
It also defines the process and quality management techniques of key business areas, from product development to customer interaction and satisfaction. It also provides standards for us to meet and exceed, and allows for continued improvement based on technology innovations, industry trends, and our customers' needs.

Our Senior Management has played a vital role in establishing and enforcing ISO 9001:2000. They communicate the goals and the importance, establish the quality policy and the quality objectives, review and revise it at regular intervals and provide the resources necessary to uphold the standards set in place.

Establishing quality standards is not an easy task but nonetheless, we achieved it. It was a long journey, but we kept the final goal in sight and we achieved our target.

Quality achievement is an ongoing task that requires 100% commitment and dedication.
TPS believes in the saying:
“Quality is remembered long after the cost is forgotten”.

As of September 2004 TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. is ISO 9001:2000 registered company.

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Phoenix now supports Open Ended Funds Transfers
Open ended transfers have been the pride of the Phoenix suite; they offer the customer the flexibility to transfer funds from their accounts to virtually any account in the bank. One constraint to this service was that the banking host had to be available for destination account validation. In turn this would mean that open ended transfers could not be offered after banking hours. This limitation resulted in a timing based inconsistency in the services offered to the customer.

Phoenix now supports Open ended transfers in offline mode. Previously Phoenix used to rely on the banking host interface’s availability to validate destination accounts in “Open Ended Transfers”. In order to facilitate the customer, especially during non-banking hours, a more improved form of offline destination account validation has been added. To confirm the availability and validate the destination account, Phoenix attempts to look up the destination account in its internal databases. If the account is located, Phoenix then confirms the availability of this account as a destination account and presents the customer with the account details (Title, etc…). This in turn results in open ended transfers being offered throughout the day.

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Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) 2004
Since its inauguration over 23 years ago, GITEX has established itself as the GCC and MENA regions most important Information Technology showcase.

In that time GITEX has continued to reflect the importance and phenomenal growth of the IT industry in the region by continually highlighting the latest technology and services from international manufacturers and suppliers.

As the industry has changed, GITEX has maintained its position as the place where the latest technologies are shown first to an increasingly challenging market where “must have” applications and solutions are in demand.

GITEX is not only the most widely known IT event in the Middle East, it has also gained international attention by providing a forum in which the international IT industry can meet, in five intensive day, the regions buyers, specifiers and decision makers in a dedicated marketing forum.

It was with great pride that TPS participated in this event alongside the Pakistan Software Export Board to promote the IT products and solutions available in Pakistan. Large companies in Pakistan participated in this event and successfully placed Pakistan on the map for Information Technology Solutions in a number of industries.

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State Bank of Pakistan Requests ATM MIS
In the on going mission of the State Bank of Pakistan to promote the culture of Self Service Banking in Pakistan, have started conducting various surveys to monitor the progress and the increasing demand of Self Service Banking.

Most recently, State Bank has issued a requirement to all Banks to submit a report which would help them in identifying the type of usage that are taking place on their network and over the shared network.

To assist the financial institutions in being able to provide that information on a continuous basis with little or no load on the IT Staff, TPS has taken the initiative to provide those reports in the State Bank requested formats through its InSight - Monitoring and Management Solution.

Through InSight, Banks are enabled to extract various MIS reports which can be used to show various trends and vital information for a SST network. This information can go on to provide better services and quality of services for customers who look to these value added services to provide them with various mediums with which to access their Banks.

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Unifying APTRA NDC and SMARTdeposit
Keeping up to its track-record of bringing innovative products in ATM industry, TPS has successfully deployed its well-known product SMARTdeposit unified with APTRA NDC on same ATM at ‘Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon’. The ATMs with new version of SMARTdeposit are now also offering online cash deposit and currency exchange transactions in addition to existing withdrawal and other ATM transactions.

“The addition of SMARTdeposit on our ATM machines has expanded our portfolio with new value-added services”, says Mr. Salim Jabagi, Head IT Department, IBL, “and our customers can enjoy more independence through single point of service”.

Intercontinental Bank has also acquired InSight to benefit from its wide range of features which include, but are not limited to, monitoring and management of ATMs, exporting exchange rate remotely on all terminals and comprehensive reports easing reconciliation between APTRA NDC and SMARTdeposit transactions.

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NCR Road show in Dubai, UAE
October 2004: NCR Corporation Dubai branch organized a self service and payment technology road show on the 3rd of October in Dubai, UAE. The event was honored by the presence of all the IT Officials of Banks present in the region. It was a great opportunity for the showcase of our local products utilizing various NCR hardware.

NCR's latest series of banking solutions were on display during the show including the latest self service hardware and payment solutions including electronic check clearing. Being a strong solutions partner of NCR, TPS also actively participated in the event and presented a number of solutions including SMARTdeposit+ a currency exchange, currency deposit and withdrawal solution. Along side that, InSight remote ATM monitoring and management system. Running on NCR's latest series of ATMs, the solution generated a lot of interest amongst the visitors.

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Southern Sui Gas Corporation LIVE on UBPS!
In a continous motion to extend services for Utility Companies across Pakistan, TPS is proud to have incorporated another major utility company. Southern Sui Gas Corporation is now running live on the UBPS currently deployed by Askari Commercial Bank Limited.

TPS has aggresively gone forward to offer financial institutions with various services which would allow them to offer Bill Payment options to their customers through various channels for various Utility companies.

Currently, the Utiltiy Bill Payment motion includes PTCL, IESCO, PESCO and SSGC. Soon, all WAPDA companies will be available through this platform.

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